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The Uses of AI in the World of Digital Marketing

AI will have a sizable contribution to the estimated growth of the Global GDP by $15.7 trillion by 2030. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) change the world of Digital Marketing? Well, undoubtedly, the answer is in the affirmative! Digital marketing using AI has the power to not only change but rule over the world since it has the potential to go above and beyond human intelligence.

If you are Wondering What is the Use of AI in Digital Marketing? Here is a Sampler Where we have Listed out a Few Applications:

  1. Chatbots on the Website

Chatbots on the Website - Channel Technologies

Using chatbots on the website is a very efficient way of using AI and also generating more leads. Companies that use auto-generated chatbots to engage with the leads and solve their queries have been found to acquire around 55% higher quality leads and the rate of conversion too has been comparatively higher.

Chatbots are available 24*7 to solve the queries and it also gives out customized replies for the various probable questions that the leads might have, making the website more accessible. AI being multilingual makes it all the more flexible and easier to generate more leads since the customers can choose to communicate and ask about their problems in any language they wish to.


  1. Promoting Digital Advertisements

Promoting digital advertisements - Channel Technologies

You must be wondering, exactly how does AI help in advertising? Well, the application of AI in the process of ad promotion does wonders for the outcome. Using AI to promote digital advertisements, make the process of advertising smoother and easier. Digital marketing agencies often identify the target audience through an AI assistant.

Campaigns become more successful and actionable because of AI’s capacity to assess many data sources to estimate the likelihood that a user will take a particular action. To target new people and develop the sales funnel, AI may develop look-alike audiences based on previous campaigns.

As per statistics, companies that are implementing AI in digital marketing are seeing 59% better closing rates, 58% more revenue growth, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% more conversions.

  1. Web Development

Web Development in AI in Digital Marketing - Channel Technologies

Developing a website for a company adds a lot of hard work. One has to analyze the target audience, decide on the theme for the website, come up with engaging content, and decide on the look and feel of the website. If all of this were to be done manually, it will not only take up a lot of time but considerable effort.

AI does all the work for the company, from figuring out the needs of the target audience to creating the website that enhances the user experience. AI provides real-time development process advice and facilitates coding. It analyses data and comes up with ideas to fix issues in web architecture. Based on the user’s previous actions, AI can also recommend fresh videos, music, and other forms of content.


  1. Content Creation

AI is of great help in the process of content strategy and creation. AI helps you create content as per the needs of the target audience, which gets them intrigued and engaged. Here we are referring to tools that are used to create content using AI. These tools are capable several things- creating blogs, writing ad copies and even email subject lines.

AI also has the potential to customize the content as per the individual search history. Almost 60% of companies have deemed AI to have more potential than manual content marketing strategies and have also said it has become an easier and effortless task after the implementation of AI. (3)


  1. Email Marketing

Using AI for email marketing targets the audience as per their search history and what might interest them. This is where you get an answer to one of the most relevant questions how exactly AI can be used in this form of marketing? Well, for starters, AI generates email subject lines as per the interest of the audience and keeps on sending them those emails at optimized times, creating a sustained impact.

AI creates subject lines by gaining an understanding of your brand language through the data you use to teach it. Additionally, it may make targeted, one-on-one email content recommendations to boost conversions and engagement.

It boosts email deliverability by updating job titles, phone numbers, and other information in email databases automatically while eliminating outdated entries. It also generates several tools inside the mail itself which allows the leads to reach out to the company immediately after they have read the mail like email bots.

  1. Lead Generation

AI in Lead Generation in Digital Marketing - Channel Technologies

AI can examine trends in your customer data, develop an ideal customer profile (ICP), and identify leads that correspond to your current target persona. You will save time and effort since it efficiently qualifies and scores your leads. To ensure that no lead is lost, AI systems contact prospects across channels by sending automatic and tailored emails, texts, and calls.

AI can determine if a lead is likely to convert or is at stake, and it may then provide useful tips on how to speed up sales. The sales team may use these predictive suggestions to send the correct message to the right consumer at the right time through the appropriate channel.



AI and digital marketing together have proven to be a great tool for marketers as now it’s becoming easier for them to figure out the target audience, identify potential leads, and then pitch through.

Talking about the future, it is difficult to forecast what lies ahead because technology advances too quickly. However, it’s safe to say that the future will hold more personalized marketing, customer service will be more tailored, product recommendations and product search will be more precise and we’ll be using the data we get more effectively.

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