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Not Getting Digital Marketing Results? Here’s What To Do!

Not getting digital marketing results even after aligning everything on point? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! According to the results of HubSpot’s State of Inbound Survey for 2021, approximately 40% of marketing professionals are unable to demonstrate the ROI of their digital marketing activities.

Digital Marketing, in simple terms, is the promotion of businesses via the internet and other digital communication channels. Email, social media, and search engines primarily fall under this category. The most common types of digital marketing are Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SEM), Pay per click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Any company in any field can benefit from digital marketing. However, that is not to imply, that all organizations should use the same approach. The plan primarily is designed based on the nature of the business, target audience, budget, and at which phase they are at in their digital venture.

Investment in digital marketing is a long-term venture and requires a great deal of patience and research to get fruitful results. However, there are some common digital marketing mistakes that you might be making while planning and executing your campaigns. Keep reading to ensure that you do not make them in the future!

Expecting results overnight

Expecting results overnight If you think of digital marketing as some magic formula that could bring instant results, you’re probably fishing in the wrong pond. However, the good news is, consistency works- posting on social media daily/ weekly basis, posting blogs weekly/ monthly, encouraging clients to write you reviews regularly, building your email list, responding to reviews on your websites and social media platforms and so on. Before you begin to see significant returns, you need to continue with a digital marketing plan for at least six to twelve months.


Being unsure about the purpose of the content

Unsure about the purpose of the content for right digital marketing resultsMaking content just because Google likes more of it? This is not how success with digital marketing is achieved. The primary thing that you must be clear about is the purpose of your content. It could be creating brand awareness, educating, building trust and loyalty, engaging with your target audience, convincing them to make a purchase, earning links, ranking on SERPs and so on. Whichever purpose you choose to build your content around, just make sure that the content meets the needs and interests of your audience.


Not having a content marketing strategy

Some of the key components of a successful content marketing strategy include identifying the audience that your content is intended to reach, defining brand and product positioning, finding a unique value to provide to your audience with your content, creating a business case to understand the advantages, expenses, and risks of establishing a content marketing plan and designing an action plan with information like content formats, channels for content distribution etc.

Not measuring important metrics

Not measuring important metricsMarketing metrics are used to track, document, and evaluate the development of the efforts. These numbers are diverse and subject to variation among platforms. Some important KPIs that should be quantified are conversion rates, the duration of your buyers’ journey, web traffic sources, cost per lead, customer lifetime value etc. It’s likely that you’ll lose sight of the important metrics when you are working on several campaigns at once. This is where professionals come in handy as they view your campaign performance real-time and help you make data-driven decisions.


Not choosing the right platforms

Not choosing the right platformsMany businesses believe that in order to achieve meaningful outcomes, they must be present everywhere. They cast a wide net and think they are succeeding because they are “out there.” Being everywhere could do more harm than good as it could drastically reduce outcomes, not to mention valuable marketing dollars.

The solution is that you must consider your potential clients carefully, then focus on building your digital marketing strategy for only those platforms where they are most likely to be found. For this, it is important that you know what type of content goes well on which platform.


Lack of experience

Seems obvious? Well, it not! Many businesses don’t want to invest in outsourcing an agency or providing good training for their marketing staff, which leads to a tremendous waste of time and resources. As digital marketing is always evolving, it is a must to continuously learn, and improve the marketing plans. Understanding all online marketing techniques requires time and effort. So, unless digital marketing is your core competency, it’s safe to say that you must be good at improving your operations and customer service and keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends could be challenging for you.

Why should you hire professionals to get digital marketing results?

Any company, small or large scale, should have a marketing plan that includes digital marketing. In today’s cutthroat competition, you run the danger of falling behind if you’re working alone or with a team that doesn’t understand how to do it correctly. Here are some reasons why you should consider outsourcing digital marketing professionals:

  • They are likely to have worked with businesses of your niche
  • You can focus on improving other aspects of your business
  • They have professional resources and tools
  • Your content and design is in sync with the best practices
  • You get fresh ideas to promote your business
  • A lot of marketing money is saved
  • You stay relevant to the industry


Targeting the right audience is only possible with digital marketing when you are doing it right. Since it requires a high degree of quality and consistency, it is always advisable to hire professionals to take gain better and assured results with almost no effort. Just make sure you do not end up falling into the trap of agencies that advertise speedy overnight results!

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