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Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency On The Go

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information to help you out with finding the right digital marketing agency for your business.

Are you choosing a right agency for your digital marketing services?

Bill Gates put it aptly when he said “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Talking of India in particular, the digital advertising market has a size of about 199 billion Indian rupees in the FY 2020. (1) The bottom line for every business is to promote its product or service, develop consumer loyalty, and increase sales. It is no more a point of discussion that this is best done with the use of quantifiable, targeted, and interactive digital technology.

Finding a digital marketing agency that aligns with your needs can be tricky. Moreover, with multiple options have proliferated in recent years, finding an appropriate fit has become even more challenging. Before boiling down to the characteristics of a good agency, let’s learn its role.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?

Digital Marketing Work A digital marketing agency uses a range of strategies and internet technologies to assist a business in achieving its marketing and sales objectives. It becomes possible with a team of digital marketing consultants, strategists, designers, content/ copywriters, and developers who collaborate to produce measurable outcomes in terms of lead generation and brand-building.

Primarily, a digital marketing agency is responsible for bringing organic traffic to a client’s website, generating leads, and improving the overall brand reach through several means.

Services of a digital marketing agency include SEO, PPC, social media, web design, consultancy and sometimes even more.

The importance of selecting an appropriate digital partner for your business is paramount as an inexperienced or amateur one can exhaust your funds and further prove counterproductive for your business.

Here Are 10 Things That You Must Keep In Mind Before Tying Up With A Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Know your requirements well:

10 Things You Keep in Mind While Choosing a DM Company

Understanding your requirements is the first stage in the process. The more you can define your company’s demands in terms of content, SEO, advertising, social media, and graphic design, the better your deals with potential digital agencies will go.




2. Analyze the website with a digital lens:

The first and the most obvious way to check for the credibility and quality of the agency is by looking at their website. Obvious? Well, not so much! Observe how high they rank on search engines, how much their website is updated and how well the quality of the content is.

3. Dig the Client Testimonials:

Next in line are client testimonials which may be found on the company’s website as well as on several review sites. If you do not find them to be genuine, you can request for client references from the agency and have a direct conversation with them.

4. Look out for the expertise:

It is critical to ensure that the agency you select has the appropriate team members for your project. You can have a look at their ‘about’ page to see the list of their team members. For instance, if you want to hire an agency to run digital ads on social media platforms, make sure the agency has a copywriter, graphic designer, and a digital marketer.

5. Do your homework beforehand:

Prepare your questions ahead of time. When speaking with a potential digital marketing agency, it’s easy to become befuddled by numbers and jargon, leaving you unclear of what you’re getting yourself into. Making a list of questions and inquiries to discuss can assist you in making the right decision. Further, having a meeting with your team beforehand about the new collaboration is equally important.

6. Be clear on your budget:

You should also be aware of the amount of money you are willing to spend on digital marketing. Before beginning a project, it’s critical to go through all of the potential budgetary variables with the agency. Remember, a skilled marketer should be able to work within any reasonable budget and help you set realistic goals accordingly.

7. Don’t hire, be partners:

It is important to take a look at the agencies’ values and culture to be able to collaborate in a wholesome manner. If the agency blends in with your company’s personality, your communication with them would be better and subsequently, your digital representation would surely be a notch higher. A very large agency may not value the quantum of revenue inflow your organization may generate for them and therefore not invest the mindshare.

8. Go for a metric-oriented agency:

Metrics and statistics should form the basis of the agency’s proposal, and discussions with you. An emphasis on KPIs can help you have a better understanding of not only the probable outcomes of the campaign but the nature of work that the agency does.

9. Pick up on red flags:

The kind of outcomes that an agency advertises are a good indicator of how well they know their business. If an agency lacks transparency or makes an unrealistic claim like expediting your route to the top of a search engine, it can be a big red flag. As a client, you should realize that SEO is not an overnight process and requires continuous work.

10. Consider value, not price:

Making a decision solely based on price can prove to be an unfavorable one. Thus, requesting the agencies to explain the value behind their price and attempting to grasp the value that one agency may provide over another is always a good idea. At the end of the day, value is what counts the most!


Right Digital Marketing Agency - Channel TechnologiesAs a developing company, you and your digital marketing agency must have the same goal i.e. your company’s growth. Finding the one right digital marketing agency can be overwhelming.

However, now you know how to choose the right digital marketing agency and what you need to look for and what you should avoid- be clear with your requirements and expenditure, look for their authenticity and expertise, make it a two-way process by doing some research work and preparing your team and finally look for wake up calls.

A digital marketing service provider that suits your business best is the one that is adept at its work and makes you feel good about working with them.


Channel Technologies is one such digital marketing service provider that identifies your pain points and offers most promising services that align with your needs.

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