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Digital Marketing: An Investment, No Longer An Optional Expense

Do you consider digital marketing to be a cost that should only be spent when your sales are going down? Or an expense that’s often unjustified? Well, you’re not alone! You’re like several other business owners, the doubting Thomases who are skeptical about venturing in what for them are unchartered waters! However, the businesses that “thrive” are the ones that view digital marketing as an investment.

Here’s why we’re saying this:

  • The average return on investment for email marketing is 4,200 percent.
  • Blogging as a marketing strategy has a 13 times more probability of getting the best ROI.
  • 72% of marketers improve their engagement using content marketing.
  • Dynamic video retargeting can increase a company’s ROI by up to 49%.

It’s reasonable to want to see these results as soon as possible – after all, you’re investing your time, money, and efforts into it. But when it comes to digital marketing, consistency and patience are extremely important. See it as your fixed deposit- premature withdrawals will always lead to lower returns.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing Strategy is an Investment and not an Expense.

Companies running behind instant profit methods, fail to see the bigger picture and consider investing in digital strategy to be an additional expense. As a result of which, they fail to leverage on this immense opportunity. Here are 5 reasons why YOU should consider “investing” in digital marketing:

1. Your business gets a great exposure:

Get Great Business Exposure with Digital MarketingTo have better sales and a good amount of revenue covered, a company must make sure that their products/services reach as many audiences as possible. With 4.95 billion internet users worldwide, the best way to boost brand recognition is definitely marketing digitally. Some notable means include Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.



2. You get an improved Return on Investment:

Get mproved Return of Investment with DMIf you invest in a clear, competitive digital marketing strategy, you can get benefits you didn’t think were feasible. For example, it is seen that once a company has invested in good SEO strategies, the ROI rises to almost 13% more than what it usually acquired. However, the moment a company invests in digital marketing strategies like these, they expect instant results. It’s important to know that an online marketing strategy takes about six to twelve months before giving significant returns.



3. You cater to all types of audiences:

Cater All Types of Audiences with CTTo reach the maximum number of target customers, you have several content marketing types to choose from- blogs, videos, info graphics, case studies, e-books, whitepapers etc. Digital content is your ticket to attracting the attention of your target audience and establishing a strong brand image over time. Moreover, creating content as per audience preferences will make them trust your advice and recommendations more.



4. You stay at par with your competition:

Stay at par with your competitionIt is critical to get a kick start in order to establish oneself as the finest in the industry. In the business world, one person’s error is another person’s gain. One of the finest methods to keep an eye on your competitors’ activity and your consumers’ needs is to use an online marketing plan. It’s safe to assume that if you don’t do it, your opponent has already done so.



5. You make better future decisions:

Make Better Future Decisions with CTWhen digital marketing is paired with customer-centric business information, you can keep a close eye on business development, and get important insights. Once a company invests in digital marketing, they get analytics of how the audience is responding to their campaigns. This benefits the business and helps them to decide their future plans for which product to improvise and which service to omit due to less demand in the market. To put it short, with digital marketing, you get important information to optimize your existing campaign or even devise a new online marketing plan altogether.



Digital marketing is your survival kit in a fast-paced world of evolving technology and innovations to keep you a step ahead in the race. You won’t be the first to go digital even if you make the decision right now as business across industries are vigorously utilizing digital marketing for lead generation and lead conversion. So, the delay that’s coming with each passing day is costing you a fortune. At last but not the least, remember, best practices always emphasize long-term strategy over short solutions!

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