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If dealers, re-sellers, business partners, stockists, distributors, sub-distributors form the sales and delivery pipeline of your organization, let's talk business.

Adequate channel reach, quality of the channel and proper handling of the channel can impact the overall sales of an organization. 

Most organizations try everything in the book, to get the mindshare of partners – incentive programs, enablement, lead generation, recognition & rewards, provision of sales representatives, etc. A well-thought-out strategy, implemented with integrity and meticulousness does much to ensure success.

Channel Management Services is one of the core offerings by Channel Technologies.

Channel Policies

An important part of Channel Development Services is well-drafted and clear channel policies that go a long way in getting channel confidence. ‘Channel Technologies’ helps customers design these policies and communicate them to the Partners.

Channel Policies include:

  • Channel designations
  • Eligibility conditions for membership
  • Expectations setting
  • Defining support setup for pre-sales, sales, and post-sales
  • Organization structure
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Long term reward programs
  • Recruitment process
  • Communication channels etc.

Many a time, designing channel policies requires conducting surveys and soliciting feedback on existing policies.

For a well drafted channel policy
Agency to Handle Channel Recruitment

Channel Recruitment

Getting the right partners to represent an organisation can be crucial to success. Good partners are very demanding and need to be handled with care.

As an established Channel Recruitment Service Provider, ‘Channel Technologies’ helps its customers recruit suitable partners. We use our extensive partner database to explore and then use a pre-decided process to get them on board. The recruitment process involves profiling, checking interest, preliminary selection, one on one or one to many meetings and finalisation. The initial hand-holding post recruitment is also undertaken by Channel Technologies.

Channel Enablement

Channel has to be enabled just like an organization enables its own salespersons. Channel Partner Enablement Services include:

  • Process familiarization training
  • Pre-sales training
  • Post Sales Training
  • Selling Skills Training
  • Product Information
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Brochures and other sales materials
  • Support in sales situations

Channel Technologies helps its customers by organizing training programs, merchandising, communicating new initiatives and policies through phones, emails and SMS.

Channel enablement made easy

Channel Promotions

Promotions are needed to keep the channel motivated and focus on the organization’s priorities. We have been fulfilling the role of a Partner Management Company by managing partner promotions for most IT companies in India for the last many years. These involve organizing cruise trips, foreign jaunts, gifting large durables or gold coins, vouchers etc. Management of a promotion requires 100% accuracy so that the initiative to motivate does not become demotivating.

Channel Meets

Channel meets are extremely important for communication of priorities, networking and motivation of the Partners.

Channel Technologies takes up the end-to-end organization of Channel Meets which include:

  • Planning
  • Theme setting
  • Creating collaterals
  • Booking venues
  • Managing logistics
  • Sourcing and personalizing giveaways
  • Attendee experience management
  • Branding
  • Content creation
  • Inviting and tele follow-ups
the best organised Channel meets

Satisfied Customers

HP, SAP, Salesforce, Red Hat, Hindustan Times / Mint, GoDaddy, Dell, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft are just some of our clients who have availed our Channel Management Services.
If you are looking for a Channel Development Company for setting your Channel strategy or execution of any related activities, do contact us!

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