Audience Acquisition

For over 20 years now, our clients have trusted us to generate and engage the right audience for their brand, product or service events.

Get access to the right audience

Webinars and events are a great way to talk to potential buyers directly and explain your value proposition.  This is especially true for industries with products that need educating and understanding on the part of the customers, for example IT,  BFSI, Medicine & wellness, Medical Equipment, Pharmeceuticals etc.

However the effectiveness of a webinar/event presumes access to right audiences, which is easier said than done. An audience acquisition company can go a long way in making it all possible. 

Audience Acquisition services
Audience Acquisition services in India

Resources at hand for audience acquisition

Our audience acquisition services are delivered using the following resources:

  1. Our self owned and maintained database of large, mid market and small businesses of over 2,50,000 organizations
  2. Inhouse creative and content teams to design the invitation for all platforms.
  3. Email campaigns to our and hired targeted databases.
  4. An in house call centre to follow up on the invitations.
  5. Social media and other digital channels to reach the targeted segments. 
  6. SMS and WhatsApp outreach.

Our track record

We have been generating audiences now for more than two decades for our customers like SAP, HT Mint, SalesForce, Siemens, HP, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, FICCI, E&Y, Ingram Micro, Sonata Software etc for different types of online and offline events held across all tier 1 and 2 level towns of India.

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B2B Event Audience Acquisition Services

How we can help you
acquire the right audiences

Data profiling

Correct data is the key to a successful direct marketing campaign. Channel Technologies maintains its own database of enterprises and also does profiling of organizations with a view to judge suitability to market for a product and for reaching out to the right person with in the organization. We maintain customer and partner data for many of our customers and profile them on a regular basis.

Awareness generation

Making a set of customers aware of a new promotion or a process change or an interface change is very important for continuity and success of marketing campaign. Channel Technologies as a customer acquisition marketing agency uses Email, SMS and Tele-calling to achieve this objective for various customers.

A trusted partner of leading organisations

IBM Bluecare, a brand created to communicate with key IBM Partners in India on IBM programs & promotions, policies, prices is completed managed at the back-end by Channel Technologies.

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"There is no one-size-fits-all way to build an audience."

- John Stuart Mill