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The road to customer delight needs to be lined with cheering employees!

Maintaining a regular connect with your workforce that goes beyond official transactions and includes the families is a sure way building long term loyalty. This calls for innovation, empathy and alignment at all levels and across functions. A higher level of employee engagement can not only help in ensuring that revenue and productivity goals are met but can also reduce attrition and result in a positive, collaborative and a vibrant environment.


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CT supports HR and Marketing departments in their constant endeavour to bring freshness and originality in this vital activity. Working closely with some of the biggest names like IBM, Google, Salesforce and HP  we have helped co create events packed with fun, laughter, excitement and learning. Moments that are remembered and have helped strengthen bonds.

Here's what CT can do for you

Award Ceremonies organised by Channel Technologies

Award ceremonies

From the serious conventional awards ceremony where nominations may be sought and juries may be needed, to the wild and whacky humour filled awards for the most bizzare achievements!

Alumni meets by Channel Technologies

Alumni meets

Budgeting for such meets (IIT Delhi being an example) which span over a few days, organising funding, and handling travel desks, finalising agendas and coordinating with stakeholders. Creating alumni meets with a difference.

Quizzes and games organised by Channel Technologies

Quizzes and games

CT has the quiz masters and a rich repository of quiz questions on every possible topic backed with the software to conduct the most interesting quizzes and games. A sure way of getting full involvement and total mindhare!

Annual days

Organising celebrity entertainers, planning the logistics, organising sub events which lead up to this day, CT has managed such events for over 10,000 employees through checklists that go over 1000 line items in excel!

Virtual events by celebrities by Channel Technologies

Virtual events with celebrities

A gift of the pandemic. CT has effectively converted physical events into virtual and managed to source well known stand ups, singers, chefs, sportspersons, motivational speakers, new age gurus for audiences running over a few thousand at a time.

Incentive programs

Such incentives can be structured to run for a short period or on a long term basis, or could even be surprise incentives! Reach out to CT to understand your priorities and objectives and come back to you with the concept, budgets, collaterals and logistics. We have managed such incentive programs for all APAC countries.

Case studies

Reaching out to people during the pandemic is a challenge. And these economically challenging times making them invest for their future is tougher. Read how we were able to generate close to 100 admissions for the program each paying 2.5 lakhs. Read more >>

The objective was to help Microsoft TG re-asses the credit risk management framework using technologies like AI and ML and to navigate the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

The results were beyond client expectations. From the total 67 registrants, 32 attended the webinar. Higher than the given target. Read more >>

As businesses around the world took a hit due to Covid 19, It was the necessity of the hour to adapt to the sudden change. Read what CT did for the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions when they decided to organise a boot camp for their key partners. Read more>>

The partner was a leading manufacturer of computer hardware, software and services. Read how with CT’s innovative approach, they continued to keep the leads flowing despite all odds. Read more >>

For the last twelve years, Channel Technologies has been managing demand generation campaigns for the world’s number 1 ERP company, directly and through their partners. Read how we put together a comprehensive action plan to keep the quality leads going. Read more >>

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