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Interactive Content Marketing Trends In 2024

Does your content fail to resonate with your target audience? Although your content might nail the consistency game, there’s still a bit of a struggle when it comes to connecting with your audience. The absence of interactive content marketing could be the reason for this issue. Well, this struggle can be annoying, but you are not alone. We recently introduced one of our clients to interactive content strategies, which turned out to be a game changer for their B2B landscape. These tactics help to make the content more appealing. Before we take a plunge into the trends we shared with them, let us understand what interactive content marketing is.

What is Interactive Content Marketing?

45% of B2B customers say that interactive content is one of the most preferred content types(1). Sharing your ideas and content with your audience is important, but interacting with them holds even greater significance. Interactive content is like a magical element for digital marketers. It means more engagement than just viewing and reading the content. Your audience should be able to interact with you through your content.

Interactive content marketing aims to gather relevant information and allow users to interact with a tailored experience. It was introduced to make the content a two-way conversation between you and your audience. In this blog, we’ve shared our recipe to get a deeper idea of how this marketing strategy works.

 Unlocking Engagement: Explore the Content Marketing Trends In 2024

  • Interactive Email Campaigns

Interactive Email Campaigns - CT

Interactive email marketing increases the click-to-open rate by 73%(2) and provides a personalized content experience. For example, let’s say your company is promoting a certain product or service.

Instead of sending generic promotional mail, consider including elements such as GIFs, interactive forms, and embedded surveys in the mails.

Using these elements in the emails captures the attention of the audience. Not just that, these mails also encourage active engagement and overall campaign performance.


  • Quizzes and Surveys

These days, brands are utilizing some advanced quiz platforms that provide personalized recommendations and insights. These are used for entertainment purposes as well. Here are certain tools and platforms that can be used for quizzes and surveys in marketing: Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, Qzzr, Interact, and Riddle. These platforms are specifically designed to create quizzes and surveys.

For instance, Knorr used an interactive marketing strategy by creating quizzes for their customers. It was up to the users to select their preferred foods. And the results revealed consumers’ taste preferences. This increased brand awareness and enhanced consumer interaction.

  • Interactive Social Media Campaigns

Interactive Social Media Campaigns - CT

In the era of social media interactive campaigns, brands have undergone a revolutionary shift. This shift allows brands to foster genuine interaction with their customers, which is crucial for building strong relationships.

For instance, you can do caption contests, interactive polls, and surveys on stories to make your content interesting. To encourage engagement and participation from your audience, you can create personalized filters and effects and conduct live interactive sessions.



  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective and popular forms of interactive content marketing. This includes collaborating with influencers to create engaging content that can help boost brand awareness and reach new audiences. Do you know how? Let us tell you!

Create brand-related social media challenges and hashtags. Encourage influencers’ followers to participate in these challenges to engage with their followers. You can also collaborate with influencers for interactive live streams, live Q&A sessions, contests, and giveaways. These are great ways to engage with the audience. Influencers can use interactive features of Instagram stories and posts like polls, quizzes, and questions to engage their audience.

  • Interactive Virtual Events and Webinars

Interactive Virtual Events and Webinars one of the effective strategy of interactive content marketing trends in 2024 - CT

Over the years, virtual events and webinars have become popular among interactive content marketing trends. You can host virtual events and webinars regularly to interact with your audience. This will help you know the likes and dislikes of your audience.

Organize online webinars and workshops with keynote speakers. Participants can join from anywhere in the world, which will expand the reach of your event.

Use live streaming platforms on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch to broadcast live events, product launches, or behind-the-scenes content. Encourage real-time interaction through comment sections.


  • Video Content

Video content is a powerful tool in interactive content marketing. 87% say video marketing tactics has helped them increase sales.(3)  For example, you can integrate gamification in content such as interactive puzzles. Podcasts are another form of video content that allows brands to expand their reach to a much larger audience. Use interactive end screens to convince viewers to take specific actions, such as subscribing to your channel, watching another video of yours, or visiting your website.

Inserting clickable call-to-actions within the video allows viewers to take immediate action, such as visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase, without leaving the video interface. Leverage user-generated content engagement to create personalized video content experiences. Provide an immersive experience by using 360-degree content marketing. Those videos that capture every direction of the content are 360-degree videos. Such videos work well when they use the method of storytelling through interactive content.

Why is Interactive Content Marketing the Future of Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when content was the king. Now engagement is the new king.

Interactive content marketing the future of digital marketing - Channel Technologies

81%(4) of marketers agree that interactive content grabs user attention more efficiently than static content. As the digital marketing dynamic is evolving, one-way interaction has become outdated. Content marketing trends have introduced interactive content marketing as the future of digital marketing. The reason why it is the future is because it has the ability to effectively engage and resonate with audiences in a highly personalized and meaningful manner.

In fact, it has become the preferred choice of B2B marketers due to its capability to increase engagement, improve reach and visibility, increase conversion rates, and optimize user participation. 88% of marketers agree that it helps in brand differentiation and advocated that up to 30% of all content should be interactive.(5)

Interactive content marketing has higher engagement rates, which makes it a powerful asset in digital marketing. Interaction and engagement with the audience have become integral parts of content marketing trends. It is a powerful tool in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.


By implementing interactive content marketing trends, you allow users to engage with content in some way or another. It has become an essential element in digital marketing. In fact, its dominance is what is making the digital marketing landscape grow so widely. We can say that interactive content marketing is a powerful tool for all digital marketers.

At Channel Technologies, we introduce businesses to new trends, ideas and technologies to help them bring their dreams to reality.

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Interactive content marketing is a way to engage and interact with the audience through content. This is a strategy that involves creating engaging content and encouraging audience to participate and interact rather than just consuming the content. This also involves creating content in a manner that allows the audience to interact with the content. The purpose is to elevate user interaction. Unlike traditional content, interactive content encourages the audience to participate, respond and recommend.

Interactive content is much more than just viewing and enjoying the content. It encourages users to engage and interact with the content. It is absolutely effective because it is not just about educating and informing the audience. It is a two-way conversation between the audience and the content creator, which allows the audience to make comments, suggest things and share their opinions about the content.

Interactive content has the ability to amplify user connections, enhance the user experience, and improve visibility and reach. It is versatile and can be adapted to various platforms. This allows you to know about your audience in terms of what they like and dislike. Such content has the potential to grow rapidly as compared to traditional content.

The main goal of interactive content marketing is to get users to actively engage with, connect with and interact with the content. Apart from this, such content helps to nurture lead generations, improve reach, and maintain a positive relationship with customers. It also helps to provide an opportunity to gather valuable user information. The ultimate goal is to provide a modern, engaging experience to the audience.

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