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10 Things That Go Wrong During A Virtual Event – Here’s How You Can Avoid Them

“Sorry, we won’t be able to start right away due to some technical issue.” We’re sure you must have heard this statement many a times lately while conducting your virtual event.

Virtual events have been invaluable in assisting businesses stay in contact with their audiences during the pandemic. Even if in-person events make a complete comeback, it is safe to say that virtual events are here to stay seeing the globalized business environment and the benefits that come along with this mode.

Having said that, let’s discuss some unusual numbers- 30% of salespeople say that their web conferencing capabilities are impeding rather than assisting them in closing deals. According to 67% of employees, more than half of the virtual meetings that employees attend are less valuable, as meetings usually start late. (1) But why is it so? The answer can be traced to a widespread misconception that a virtual event is nothing more than a video conference on a virtual event platform that requires no special expertise. However, to be able to create a compelling and dynamic experience using the functionalities of the tools, is not something that can be accomplished without expertise and experience.

Not Sure, Why? Read On As We Mention Some Common Virtual Event Challenges:

  1. When it’s your turn to speak, you are not able to unmute yourself or switch on your video.
  2. Suddenly some unknown background noise breaks in disrupting the entire experience.
  3. You are the speaker, but suddenly someone else’s face takes over the entire screen breaking the flow of the session.
  4. There are multiple speakers at a time, but not everyone is spotlighted on main screen at the same time.
  5. You’re not able to interact separately with any specific participant during the session.
  6. You find people renaming themselves.
  7. You are the host or co-host and find that the recording begins even before the event has started or it stops all of the sudden in the middle of the event.
  8. People start writing obnoxious things in the chat box disturbing the tone of the event.
  9. You find outsiders/ non registrants entering your event.
  10. Suddenly an unpleasant video pops up on the screen maligning the event.

Does Any of These Ring a Bell?

Typical Video Conferencing Issues - Channel TechnologiesIf you’ve ever dealt with one of these typical video conferencing issues, you know how irritating they can be! As a matter of fact, virtual events have a considerably higher risk of technological problems than in-person events.

Making a virtual event engagement even more technically challenging: from happy hour networking to one-on-one consultations to live Q&A! According to the Event Manager Blog(2), the most difficult obstacle to overcome when designing a successful virtual event is engagement.

What’s The Solution?

Event Management Company - Channel TechnologiesAn event management company can not only help you choose the right platform for your event but also help you overcome all these challenges. With access to trained people who are well-versed with all the functionalities of the virtual meeting tools, an event management agency can reduce the probability of errors drastically. Further, since they have varied experience in handling the similar kind of events, they can rectify the problems in real-time without disrupting the attendee experience.

In a nutshell, for building an effective event that stretches well beyond a computer screen, it important to see virtual events as value-added, engagement-driven experiences that require professional intervention.

To read the case study on one of our virtual events, please visit case studies section.

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