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Latest Event Technology Trends: What To Expect From Your Event Management Company?

Whether your event is physical, virtual, or hybrid, a competent event management company knows how to make the best use of its event planning skills and latest event technology to deliver you a booming event.

Talking about event technology which is advancing more quickly than ever before, let’s see what are the benefits of technology in event planning. To name a few, technology in events help save a lot of time, reduce the possibility of errors, keep a track of participants, boost engagement, promote the event better, expand the reach, quantify the success and most importantly, enhance the attendee experience. As a matter of fact, using event technology can boost productivity by 27% and attendance by 20%.(1)

But how do you know which technology is worth investing and which isn’t?  We have compiled the most popular event technology trends to facilitate your decision:

Latest Event Technology Trends And How An Event Management Company Can Help You Leverage Them:

1.    QR Codes

Over the last few years, QR codes have seen a drastic increase in application across the board. Concerning events, the use of QR Codes not only help streamline management tasks but make overall the attendee experience smooth.

Today event management companies are leveraging QR Codes to speed up the check-in process of your event and make it contact-less, make on-site ticket payment hassle-free, track the number of attendees, give your attendees an easy access to event or service/ product- related information, and gather feedback once the event is over.

Here’s a quick tip- In case you are planning to have a QR code on print materials, use dynamic QR codes as they let you update the link/ content if needed, without having to make any change in the QR code.

2.    Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality - CT

One of the most popular event tech trends in the current times is fusing in-person and virtual experiences through augmented and virtual reality. Top event management companies do this by providing your participants with VR headsets on-site to give them an experience beyond the presentation screen with 360-degree video and interactive data visualisations.

You can leverage this technology for your virtual participants as well by designing a virtual tour for them. This way your audience will be able to have a 3D experience of the sponsor booths, the stage area, the banners, the lounges, and the halls while sitting in the comfort of their homes.


3.     Digital Photo Booths

Digital Photo Booths - Channel Technologies

If your event needs an interactive activity that allows your audience to express themselves, consider taking into account a virtual photo booth. But what is a virtual photo booth in the first place? It is an event marketing tool that enables your audience to produce personalised photo content in real-time.

You can easily tailor it to your specific requirements and embed it on your event platform or website and also connect it with your social wall. There are so many software that let you create frames with customized colours and text so that you can feature your logo, brand name, event name, hashtags and even sponsors company names and logos.

An event management agency can help you leverage these photo booths to get the event promoted, boost engagement, build a sense of community, promote sponsors, and capture event memories.

4.     Live Streaming

Live Streaming - CT

Over the last 2 years, 57%(2) of marketers have started using live streaming technology to strengthen their brands. Even the largest social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter — did not waste any time in adapting their algorithms for live streaming.

Live streaming, in simple terms, is delivering a video stream over the internet in real-time. The primary benefit is that it helps you expand the reach of your event.

A lot goes on an event management company’s end while planning to live stream an event- finding the right kind of audio system, choosing the appropriate streaming software, installing broadcasting equipment, deploying a capture card, microphone, lighting, video encoder and so much more.

5.     Simulive

Simulive - Channel Technologies

If you are going for virtual event marketing but are running short on budget and other resources, you can go for a simulive (stimulated + live) event. But what is it? A Simulive event is a kind of webinar wherein you record a video in advance and play it later as a live session.

The video is pre-recorded, but the chat, Q&A, and audience reactions are all live thus maintaining the level of engagement equal to a live webinar, if not more.

It is becoming a popular choice as it offers flexibility to exhibitors and vendors, is less expensive as you do not require streaming technology, has less scope for technical issues, and offers you a better chance of getting top guest speakers as you are not binding them in a time slot.

6.     Event Gamification

Event Gamification in Event Management Company - Channel Technologies

The dopamine effect can never go wrong! So why not leverage it to boost the engagement of your events? Gamification in events is the process of incorporating competition, games, rewards, and other such elements into an event. Remember, it should not be done for the sake of it, rather should be done to achieve your event goals.

An event management agency can come up with innovative ways to enable this- setting up an engaging gamification zone, designing interesting networking games, organizing polls, planning creative ways to reward your guests for early check-ins, participating in polls and Q/As, attending particular sessions, and visiting particular stalls.


7.     Event Management Software

Event Management Software - Channel Technologies

An event management software can be your savior! It can help you manage the entire project, promote the event, accept payments and registrations, distribute invites, news, and other correspondence, keep track of registrants’ data, make seating charts and floor plans, manage interactions with vendors and registrants, manage check-in of the attendees, feedback, quizzes, access controls, manage budgets, prepare financial, attendance, fundraising, and other reports and much more.





We are sure you want your customers/ partners/ employees to value your brand. And if you are choosing the event marketing path, the only way you can leave a lasting impact is by delivering a high-tech, rich, and value-adding event experience. Only the right kind of event technology, coupled with the right expertise of an event management company can make this happen!

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