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With virtual events becoming the new-normal, they are here to stay with us for a long-long time. Every day our inbox is flooded with an invitation to a virtual event. As a result, there would be hardly anyone left out there who has not attended a virtual session, conference, workshop, or class in the past three months.

What makes these virtual events more attractive is that that they are super easy to implement and even easier for the attendees to attend. With so many virtual events taking place every now and then, Organisations now have  a “cheap” alternative to physical events which were more taxing to execute and rather expensive.

But the questions which arise here are,  is organising these virtual events really a cake walk? Why did we not opt for virtual events when we were shedding moolah on physical events? Why we used to ignore webinar invites in the past?

Well, too many questions, too hard to answer. Collectively we can come up with only one answer which is that we have finally accepted the change!

Now what is left to be figured out is how to make our virtual events successful. Frankly, the competition is currently cut throat in this field. Everyone is busy promoting their “exclusive webinars”. Whenever you open your social media account, your news feed will be filled with ads calling out to you to register for webinars. So, in these circumstances how to make your event stand apart? Let’s check out the steps you can follow to get the desired numbers to your webinar too:


  1. The Right Platform– With plenty of virtual event hosting platforms available in the market to choose from, it gets difficult to choose the one which ticks all the boxes of your requirement. Don’t get overwhelmed! A little research will help you out. You can take the free demos and check out the features yourself.
  2. Identify Audience– The first step is to identify your target audience, the sooner you will identify the right audience to target the better will the outcome of your campaign.
  3. Creative Designing- Let’s face it creatives like EDMs, Banner ads, and Landing Pages are your mode of communication with your target audience and their content is the deciding factor for the audience! It may take you a few attempts to come up with the perfect pitch, but the end result is always worth all the hard work.
  4. Registration Page- If you want to adopt a systematic approach to collecting the valuable lead data, registration page is an imperative! A dedicated registration page can be a one stop spot for your potential audiences to not only register themselves hassle-free for the event but to get all the updates regarding the event at a single place.
  5. Social Media- People nowadays are spending more and more time online, making it the perfect platform to advertise your event. Everybody does paid advertising on social media, but if you want to have an edge above the rest make sure to look to specialized features on social media platforms, like for Lead Generation you can use LinkedIn, where you can target audiences better. Likewise, Facebook is an ideal platform to retarget those who have visited your website once.
  6. Follow ups- Don’t mistake to think that your job is done after the registration process. That’s just half the battle won! You need to give  registrants follow-up calls in order to confirm whether they will turn up on the webinar day or not, even after the follow-up call you must send them reminder mailer or SMSs with the joining link to make the joining process easier.
  7. Post Implementation- Well your work doesn’t end with the webinar. You need to keep in touch with your audience even after the event. Send out those thank you and missed you mailers with the recording links in it. That way you continue to engage not only with the attendees but also with those who gave your virtual event a miss.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning any virtual event give a shot to our tried and tested methods, your event will surely sell like hot cakes! we are just a call away.

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