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Benefits of Gamification in Events in 2021

Games have been a form of human entertainment for as long as 3100 B.C. Now they have carved their way into the sphere of events too. Talking about the benefits of gamification in events, it is seen that gamification can bring a surge of up to 600%(1) in the number of new user registrations. Gamification is nowadays quite a trend in any event for serving the purpose of better audience engagement. As per many studies, gamification not only helps in developing new sets of skills and increases our problem-solving ability but is also essential for networking.

Many people have this misconception that gamification at an event is all about using an app on a smartphone. Instead, it has a lot more to do with human psychology than the mere use of technology. It provides depth to any event by focusing more on the human experience. Games are so entertaining and engaging that the attendees tend to get teleported into a different reality, losing the track of time.

But incorporating elements of games in an event just for the sake of it is also not justified. One of the basic gamification rules is that these elements should be meaningful and should fulfil the larger purpose of your event.

Apart from Audience Engagement, There are Various Other Gamification Benefits in Events, like:


When latecomers come midway during a session, they not only break the rhythm but also spoil the mood of other attendees and speakers. To avoid such situations, tools of gamification can act as a lifesaver. For example, if you run a challenge at your event where attendees who arrive on time will get some special goodies or their event experience videos will be recorded. You can display those videos on a screen for a few minutes before the event ends or can post them on the social media pages of the event. The result? Satisfied and happy attendees.


Let’s be frank, brand promotion is the core reason why events take place in the first place. Social rewards are extremely popular when it comes to the gamification of virtual event By encouraging the attendees to use the event hashtag and in exchange rewarding them is a great way of creating a positive hype on social media platforms. You can also add the element of excitement by creating a progress bar that represents the level of activity.


One of the main reasons why people attend events is ‘networking’. Events provide a great platform for networking and gamification poses as an ice breaker there. It also aids in boosting the self-confidence of the attendees. When team-building exercises are incorporated in any event, attendees get an easy way to know their fellow attendees.


If used the correct way, gamification is a great way to educate the attendees and immerse them in your event. One can share and acquire knowledge in an event through live Q&A sessions, polling, quizzes, etc. Such sessions can be held easily using a comprehensive mobile event app like com.


Gamification allows us to learn new things and watch how they become easier and more understandable, thus turning the event experience into a high-quality and memorable one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you gamify an event?

Event gamification can be done in several ways:

  • Having a polling session where the attendees would be rewarded for every poll they answer or for guessing the poll results.
  • Organizing Q/A session towards the end of the event and rewarding the attendees for asking relevant and insightful questions.
  • Giving them award points for being a part of a particular session or visiting a particular stall.
  • Opting for games that encourage networking among the attendees like scavenger hunts, human bingo, name tags etc.
  • Utilizing event apps where the attendees can keep a count of their award points, complete quizzes and surveys, share pictures etc. This way organizers can also have a clear picture of the event outcomes.

How do you gamify a virtual event?

Gamification of a virtual event is a fun way of stimulating attention and engagement of the attendees. You can gamify a virtual event in some of the following ways:

  • Giving award points for bringing in more registrations.
  • Rewarding the first few registrants.
  • Having in-session trivia and rewarding the attendees for participation or correct answers. This also ensures that every attendee is being engaged in the learning process.
  • Organizing networking games like virtual scavenger hunts, bingo, demonstration games etc.
  • Asking attendees to use the event hashtag and rewarding them based on its maximum use.

How do you build a gamification platform?

Gamification Rules should be followed by deciding on building a gamification platform. Following are some of the standard rules that work while building a gamification platform:

  1. List out clear objectives.
  2. Figure out the target audience and their behavior patterns.
  3. Choose the technology that suits your business goals.
  4. Choose the mechanics of the games like challenges, quizzes, polls, award points, feedback, etc.
  5. Build a progress tracker for analysis.
  6. Have built-in rewards for quick redemption.

In a nutshell, gamification not only generates attention and motivates the participants; it also reinforces social unity and event gamification is a genius way of utilizing the dopamine effect to build a successful marketing campaign!

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