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Things That Can Go Wrong At Dealers/ Channel Meet & Tips to Avoid Them

Damaged brand image, loss of business opportunities, deteriorated relationships with channel partners, and lost competitive advantage – did we just give you the jitters? Well, the consequences of Dealers meet disasters can be this severe and far-reaching. After all, a dealers meet or channel meet is extremely important when it comes to fostering relationships, communicating information and boosting sales. Be it a product launch event, trade show, Dealers conference, Dealer awards ceremony, or partner networking event, without proper planning and execution, it can quickly turn into a massive failure.

In this blog, we will explore some common challenges that you may encounter while organizing such meets. We will also provide you with tips on how to prevent them.

Importance of Dealer Meets:

Importance of proper planning and execution of dealer meets.

  • Fostering Relationships: If your dealer event is well-organized, you can create a positive and lasting impression on your dealers, which can help in dealer relationship building.
  • Showcasing Products and Technologies: If you aim to showcase your latest innovations through events, proper planning can help you put up your products in a manner that enables your dealers/ partners to fully understand and appreciate them. Better the understanding, better the sales.
  • Training and Education: A dealer event can serve as a platform for training your partners or educating them about your products/ offerings, sales techniques, and industry trends. If your event is well executed, you will be able to keep your partners engaged and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed.
  • Gathering Feedback: If the interactive sessions, surveys, and discussions are well-executed, you can gain insights into market trends, customer preferences, and areas for improvement.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Dealer meets bring together dealers from different regions or territories, allowing them to collaborate. Only a well-planned event can provide them with appropriate networking opportunities.

Things That Can Go Wrong At Dealers/ Channel Meet

  1. Lack of Clarity

Things that can go wrong at your dealers meet & channel meetOne of the primary reasons of channel partner meetings dissatisfaction is poor communication between the organization and its channel partners. Lack of clear instructions, late notifications, and incomplete information can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration.

To avoid this, you must ensure clear and timely communication, utilizing multiple communication channels, such as emails, official websites, social media platforms, and tele-calling to reach out to participants. Do establish a well-defined agenda and share it with the attendees in advance.



  1. Lack of Engagement

Yes, we are talking about monotonous presentations and such typical activities. If your channel partner events lack interactive elements or fail to capture participants’ interest, it can result in low dealer engagement and then of course dissatisfaction with the event.

To address this, you can have live demonstrations or hands-on workshops. You can also incorporate gamification in events or use virtual reality technology to create immersive experiences. You must encourage participants to ask questions, share experiences, and network with each other. This way you can also generate meaningful event data.

  1. Inadequate Venue and Facilities

Choosing the wrong venue or a venue with inadequate facilities can have a significant impact on the success of a dealers meet. Limited seating capacity or parking, an unimpressive ambiance can also dampen the partners’ excitement.

It is crucial to select a venue that aligns with the objectives of the event. Ensure that the venue comfortably accommodates all attendees, with appropriate seating, lighting, and acoustics. It must have reliable Wi-Fi, proper audio visual equipment, and sufficient power outlets. Basic amenities like refreshments, restrooms, and parking facilities are a must.

  1. Technical Issues

Technical difficulties at a dealers meet can create frustration among attendees whether it is audio visual equipment malfunctions, internet connectivity issues, power outages or any application glitches.

To mitigate technical difficulties, make sure to conduct thorough equipment checks before the event. If possible, conduct rehearsals with presenters to ensure they are comfortable with the software they would be using. And ALWAYS have backup equipment and dedicated staff from your event management team for dealing with such situations.

  1. Lack of Follow-up

Failure to follow up with attendees, address their concerns, and provide necessary support can leave a lasting negative impression.

To avoid missing out on this, assign clear action items and responsibilities at the time of designing the event strategy itself.

Make sure to send out a comprehensive summary of the discussions and action points discussed during the event to the delegates. Don’t see this as a one- time job. You need to keep the dealers informed about ongoing initiatives, provide sales support, and address any queries or concerns.

Imagine organizing a business partner conference where you can leave all this event-related stress on someone else while you focus on building relationships with your partners. Sounds comforting, right?

Leave it to the Professionals!

Why should you hire professionals for executing your dealers meet?

Why should you hire professionals for executing

While you may have internal resources, hiring a dealer event agency for your event can bring about a huge change:

  • They have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved including logistics, communication, venue selection, vendor management, and technical requirements.
  • They have established relationships with vendors, venues, and other service providers. This helps you secure competitive rates.
  • With their event planning skills, everything is managed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • They are adept at assessing challenges, such as technical issues, last-minute changes, or unforeseen circumstances.
  • They know how to infuse creativity and innovation into your event, helping you to create engaging experiences for your attendees.
  • One of the most underrated benefits is that, with an event management company, you can offload these event-related responsibilities, freeing up you to focus on core business activities.


Dealer meets are one of the most crucial B2B events that provide you with a huge opportunity to connect with your channel partners, strengthen relationships, and drive business growth. By avoiding common mistakes, investing in thorough preparation, and continuously improving based on feedback, you can ensure smooth and successful dealers meets. Additionally, outsourcing event management allows you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the responsibilities in capable hands.

Want to partner with the best dealers meet/ event organizers in Delhi? Look no further! At CT, we offer comprehensive services that will meet all your requirements from conceptualization and planning to flawless execution and post-event evaluations. Get in touch today!

Have you ever experienced any of the challenges mentioned in the blog while organizing a dealers meet or channel meet? If yes, share your experience with us in the comment box!


A channel partners meet is a gathering organized by a business for its channel partners. These partners can be resellers, distributers, agents etc.  The purpose is usually to share updates with the partners, recognize them, or train them.

Dealers meets offer several benefits:

  • Businesses can strengthen their relationships with their dealers.
  • They can educate their dealers about their new products or services.
  • They can equip dealers with the necessary tools and strategies to boost sales.
  • These events bring together dealers from different regions or territories, facilitating networking.
  • Businesses can reward their top-performing dealers to motivate them.

The success of dealers meet or any other event for that matter, depends upon various qualitative and quantitative factors. However, some common parameters to consider are:

  • Turn out number
  • The level of participation of the attendees
  • The kind of feedback received
  • The extent to which the event achieved its objectives
  • The financial impact of the dealer meet
  • The sales performance of dealers before and after the event


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