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Digital Marketing Strategies To Promote Your B2B Events

As the name suggests, B2B events (business-to-business events) bring together several decision-makers at one place to enable knowledge-sharing and networking. B2B event marketing, in simple terms, is a marketing strategy to promote a product, brand, or service in front of other businesses.

Even if you host virtual or hybrid events, they can never be successful without promotion. Today, customers use the internet to find any information and to communicate with other people. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that your event’s digital promotion is a significant parameter of determining the success of your event.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote your Upcoming B2B Events:

  1. Plan out a Social Media Calendar

Plan Social Media Calendar - Channel Technologies

Creating a social media calendar is one of the most important event planning skills. You can use social media during different stages of your event promotion- announcing the event, selling the tickets, and lastly reminding the registered set of people. Always remember that nothing on social media happens in a vacuum.

Make sure you create valuable information around your event if you want to make the most of any social media platform. By valuable, we mean content that resonates with the audience and focuses on the benefits of the event. Further, you can also have online contests that could be as simple as rewarding people with free event tickets for sharing the event on their own social media page.

  1. Optimised Event Landing Page or Website

The most important portrayal of your event is your event landing page/ website and you must make sure that it is not only attractive but also easily accessible. But how can your landing page/ website be made more conversion-friendly?

  • Have clear headlines and call to actions.
  • Add all the important event details.
  • Specify the designations and types of organizations you are looking for.
  • Include FOMO components to draw attendees’ interest. They could be teasers, speaker details or images from previous events.
  • Set clear expectations by emphasizing the key takeaways of the event.
  • Make it simple for attendees to sign up or reserve tickets.
  • Incorporate testimonials from attendees of previous events.
  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing for B2B Events - Channel Technologies

If you think email marketing is outdated, then let us tell you that email marketing remains one of the top promotion methods of almost all B2B event management companies. In fact, email is responsible for 45% of event ticket purchases. (1) Here are some tips that can go a long way in promoting your event:

  • Mention all the important details in your mailers like date, time, speaker, location, agenda and topics to be covered.
  • Use subject lines with an urgent tone.
  • Send reminder mailers (not to be overdone).
  • Encourage attendees to contact the organizer in case of any event-related inquiry.
  • Include social media handles in your mailers for users to share it.
  1. Influencer Marketing and Referral Marketing

Influencer and Referral Marketing for B2B Events - Channel Technologies

You can try reaching out to influencers of the same niche as yours to get your event promoted. They will be likely to have followers who might be interested in your event.

If you think you don’t have the budget for this, you can use referral marketing. In this case, your customers tell their social networks about your event. You can compel them to advertise more vehemently by providing them with complimentary tickets, or some rewards.

At last but not the least, informing people about what is happening by word of mouth is always a good idea.


  1. Optimized Ads

Optimizing Your Ads Better - Channel Technologies

The primary benefit of using ads to promote your B2B events is that you’re able to choose the audience segment that is best suited. Even though you will be paying for the visibility of your event, trust us, the advantages you receive usually outweigh the cost.

Talking about social media ads first, you can be as creative as you wish when it comes to catching attention. You can include giveaways or feature thought leaders or popular entertainers etc.

Coming to Google ads, make sure you integrate keywords, keep your ad copy concise, and include a call-to-action.


  1. Chatbot

Chatbot for B2B Events - Channel Technologies

You can increase the number of event tickets sold by utilising an event chatbot as it enhances the user-experience of the visitors. Today when people expect real-time responses to their queries, one can’t always rely on emails, social media, and website updates.

The best thing about bots is that they can be configured to understand more than one language and can handle multiple inquiries at once. In order to draw attendees to your event, event bots frequently employ conversational marketing platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger texts have a higher likelihood of being clicked on. They boost click rate up to 40% and read rate up to 70%. (2)



Even though it can be difficult to promote your B2B events online, you can use the above-mentioned strategies to streamline your efforts. Regardless of whether you choose to implement one of the promotion ideas or all of them, it’s crucial to comprehend your audience, choose the appropriate promotion platforms and stay updated with the trends of each of those. If all of this seems to be a little too overwhelming, you can always go for professional B2B event management services. The event management companies not only promote your event but take care of every aspect of it including execution and post-event activities!

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