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How to Bring the Right Audience to Your Event?

Having the right audience is critical for a successful event, whether you’re organizing a recurring event for the tenth year or launching a new one. Without attracting the right audience to the events, the entire event goes in vain, no matter how well planned or well-thought out it is!

Wondering how to go about it? Read below for a clear plan!

6 Key Aspects that go Behind Finding the Right Audience for Your Event:

1. Having Clarity About the Goal of the Event:

In order to find out who your target audience is, the first step is to specify the goal of the events. It can either be a product launch, a fundraising event, a partner meet, a drive for a social cause, a lead generation events or a brand awareness one .

Aligning your event goals with your audience can be facilitated by experts. An audience acquisition company analyses your event goals, determines the persona of the target audience, filters the database and reaches out to the right contacts using several means.

The probability of bringing registrations is high this way because these contacts are the relevant ones and are most likely to be interested in your offerings.

2. Having Access to Updated Database:

As mentioned in the previous point, an important requirement of bringing a target audience is having a database of the companies that can be your potential customers. This is not as easy as it seems to be! Since the data is ever-changing, the database must be sufficient, complete and accurate to be able to reach out to your wish list of customers. It must include contact details, leadership contacts, size in terms of turnover or number of employees, and industry details.

It is advisable to use multiple sources of database as no one source can have the full set! This can be done by using an agency database and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and other digital assets.

3. Convincing/ Attracting the Target Audience to Attend the Events:

When you have identified who your target audience is, getting them to register and attend is the next roadblock. To confirm their presence, the target audience must be motivated using deliverables and benefits of the event, along with any giveaways and offers.

For this purpose, you have to have a detailed target persona and create your campaigns around that. Precisely where a perfect blend of database, content, creative, and digital expertise is needed.


4. Consider the History of Similar Past Events:

It’s important to analyze similar kinds of events to bring the right audience in terms of quality and quantity. If you look over the audience from any of the past events that were quite similar to the one that you are currently planning to host, you will be able to determine the interest areas and preferences of the audience that you’re planning to invite. A well-established event management agency is most likely to have organized events for businesses of the same industry as yours, thus, can help you define your target persona and flow of the event.

5. Go Through the Records of your Competitive Companies:

If you are hosting an event for the first time, and have no previous data or experience, identify companies that give out similar products and services as your company. Look for your greatest competitor and research well on their previous events. Sounds like an extra burden? Read on as we discuss how an event management company can help you with doing all the challenging tasks while you focus on other nuances of your event.

6. Manage it as a Campaign:

Use multiple channels and multiple contacts to accomplish the audience acquisition task. This means you can do emails, WhatsApp, Telecalling, and Digital marketing.

From the first contact till the prospects joins the events, this complete journey should be planned through multiple contacts and varied content.



Why Experts?

Figuring out and bringing your target audience can be very demanding. In such cases, you can always partner with an event marketing company that can:

  1. Plan the campaign
  2. Create an event website
  3. Do social media and other platforms for event marketing
  4. Utilize their database for email marketing
  5. Design contests
  6. Do cold calling using their filtered database
  7. Leverage influencers
  8. Employ an event app to make your audience and your event journey easy
  9. Do word of mouth marketing using their personal network


It is mandatory that you gather the right audience for your event in order to make it a successful one. Since a lot goes behind marketing an event and bringing a desired set of audience, you may consider engaging experts to do the job. Apprehensive?

Remember, the impact of a successful event on the bottom line makes it worth every penny!

Finding the right event marketing agency is not an easy task as very few companies have the audience acquisition capabilities with inhouse database and call centre, content, creative and digital marketing abilities.

With over 250,000 companies in our database that is updated, segmented and reliable, Channel Technologies is an event management company, with all the above referred capabilities, that offers end-to-end solutions starting with idea and strategy, audience acquisition and covers every little detail that goes into a making an event successful.

If you are looking for audience generation services for your upcoming events, contact us today!