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Generating Leadership Audience for EY and Microsoft 

The Client:

EY and Microsoft decided to organize a webinar on “Collection risk management for banks and NBFCs- COVID and beyond” to make business leaders reassess their credit risk management framework using technologies like AI and ML and to navigate the challenges brought about by COVID-19.


To do audience acquisition for the webinar by generating 30+ relevant attendees amongst the business leaders in Indian Banks and NBFCs.


» The specific designations were to be targeted- VPs, Directors and CFOs

» The time period was very compressed- just 7 days

» The criteria for customer acquisition were strict- organizations with 500 CR+ turnover and 4000 plus employee size.


» CT shortlisted relevant designations and organizations from its own database and did a round of re-profiling.
» The EDM designed by EY was sent out to 455 IDs. 370 of these were from CT’s database and the rest of the names were provided by EY –for which CT did the process of re-profiling.
» Post the EDM blast, CTs team of executives sent out personalized mail invites from their official ids.
» Invitation SMSs were also sent out on the database of 411.
» Additionally, we decided to approach the desired attendees via LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn campaign was divided into 2 parts- for the first part, a LinkedIn in-mail ad was designed to increase the registration count and for the second part, our team sent connection requests on 53 accounts followed by the invitation.
» The leads generated through our e-mail, SMS, and LinkedIn campaigns were followed up by our in-house team of tele callers. The calling was done even on Saturday and Sunday to achieve the given target.
» All registrations were reviewed and declines were sent to all who were not up to the mark.
» On the day of the webinar, reminder SMSs were sent out to the registrants incorporating the webinar joining link.


» From the total 67 registrants, 32 attended the webinar- higher than the given audience acquisition target.
» Out of the total 455 e-mails sent out by CT, 234 of them were opened.
» Through our separate LinkedIn campaign, we got 13 leads.
» Our tele calling team covered a total of 539 accounts.