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Small Businesses Can Boost Their Website Traffic Substantially With Digital Marketing! Here’s How!

Managing digital marketing for small businesses can be even trickier than managing it for large corporations because not all of them have the financial resources to invest in large-scale sponsored marketing efforts. Many of them are on a shoestring budget. No matter what the budget is, each of them anticipates a solid ROI from their websites. As a result, the best method is to concentrate on hacks that will increase your website traffic organically. Further, if you wish to go for the paid way, it should be done very wisely.  After all, as a small business, you have so many other things to take care of!

8 Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic:

  • Develop a Content Strategy
  • Build Quality Backlinks
  • Focus on Local SEO
  • Opt for more Specific Keywords
  • Begin Remarketing
  • Leverage Social Media Platforms
  • Use PPC efficiently
  • Keep a check on Page Speed & Mobile Usability

1. Develop a Content Strategy

Develop a Content Strategy - Channel TechnologiesAs a small business, offering quality content becomes all the more important because there is no other way you can get them there for free. The content shouldn’t be created for the sake of it; rather it should answer readers’ questions, address their concerns, and fix their uncertainties.

Do whatever it takes-blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, or e-books use everything that can increase your website traffic. Use these to your advantage depending on your company’s needs. Just be very sure to engage with a content team that understands the ways to optimize the content for search engines.


2. Build Quality Backlinks

Creating content and backlinks will always top the list when it comes to effective digital marketing tactics for SMB! You can add multimedia content, infographics, videos, podcasts, and guest blogs to acquire shares and links. The target should be generating links from other relevant websites that have high domain authority. As a small business, you can request people to promote your website on theirs, promote your content to those you’re more likely to share it, get yourself into the reputable business directories, and make connections with others in the same industry.

3. Focus on Local SEO

Focus on SEO Services - Channel TechnologiesDid you know that 76% 1 of consumers who look for anything nearby on their smartphones close their purchase within a day? SEO services for a small business or any business for that matter is always a good idea. But, spending time and dollars to attract people across the country might not be worthwhile.

Instead, a local SEO strategy can help you yield better results. Local SEO is the process of optimizing pages for results that are specific to a given region, such as ‘near me’ searches or searches related to a particular city.



4. Opt for More Specific Keywords

Opt for More Specific Keywords - Channel TechnologiesTalking about SEO, if you’re one of the many small business owners who chase to rank on keywords with the highest Google search volume, you need to stop! Keywords with high volume search are extremely competitive and it might take forever for you to rank on those.

Thus, going for lower-volume, long-tail keywords is a good option as the chances of ranking on them are relatively higher. And, the best part is that for the long-tail keywords, the cost-per-click is also less! To begin with, you can get yourself listed with GMB (Google My Business) and Bing Places.



5. Begin Remarketing

One of the important digital marketing strategies for small businesses that often gets overlooked is remarketing. Remember, 70-96 % 2 of website visitors leave the website without taking any action. As a budding business, you need to make sure that your products/ services resonate well with your customers and remarketing can help you with this. It allows you to re-engage consumers who have explored your site but did not complete a conversion. Persuading them to return can increase your chances to convert as you can track the web pages they spent their time on and display highly personalized ads accordingly.

6. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Leverage Social Media Platforms - Channel TechnologiesSocial media is one of the most cost-effective ways when it comes to digital marketing for SMBs. Aim at building your social media following and start posting across the platforms consistently. This doesn’t mean that you should use your social media for sales pitches; the idea is to engage people with your brand in the most intriguing ways and build a rapport.

Audio-visual content can go a long way in securing the attention of your audience.  You can lead them to your website and increase your website traffic using special offers or getting them to read your blog posts.



7. Use PPC Efficiently

PPC Services in India for Increasing Website Traffic - Channel TechnologiesPay-per-click (PPC) ads are still one of the fastest ways to attract more visitors to your website and that’s exactly why 45% 3 of small businesses invest in PPC ads. But, if you have a small budget, you need to be cautious while investing in them.

At the same time, it’s important to know that paid ads are not as high-cost as they sound because you’re charged only when someone clicks the ad. To take the first step, set a budget and create a quality ad so that Google gives you good grades and you don’t end up spending too much. Keyword Research is extremely critical here so make sure you do it really well!


8. Keep a Check on Page Speed & Mobile Usability

At last but definitely not the least, the way your website comes across the visitors will decide everything! Talking about page speed, when someone views a page on your site, your pages must load the information really quickly. It’s a matter of seconds as with every passing second; the bounce rate goes on increasing. Speed is equally important for both desktop and mobile users. Coming to mobile users, it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices. Well, it was found that 69% 4 percent of those aged 18 to 39 said that they use mobile devices to search for products before making a purchase. Thus, there are no two ways about the fact that you need to be equally conscious of the mobile usability of your website.


Increasing your website traffic as a small business can seem to be overwhelming especially when your competitors are already ranking higher than you. Though the above-mentioned tips can prove to be fruitful when fitted properly into your digital marketing strategy, offering value through your website is the only key to surviving in the digital world. At the end of the day, the aim is not only to attract more visitors but eventually convert them!

If you’re a start-up or small business looking for digital marketing agency, Channel Technologies can help you utilize your marketing budget optimally.

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