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Delivering a Distinctive F2F Event for Talview

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Talview is a market leader in Hiring and Proctoring Solutions. After partnerning with us for several B2B events over the years, this time they approached us for hosting a Product Launch in Bengaluru with the clear objective of new customer acquisition. Post pandemic, the expectations of the audience have increased and the client wanted to offer a unique experience across the board.

Enter CT, their long-standing CX partner!

The premiumness of the experience had to begin from the moment the delegates step out for the event. Solution?  Pickup and drop each of the attendees in luxury cars. The event must stay imprinted in audience minds.  Solution? Going beyond ‘food for thought’ and organizing a tasting session with a celebrity chef for engagement.

Read on as we share more such (challenging) intricacies!

Challenges while organizing a F2F event for Talview:

  • The event day had two sessions focusing on different products. The variation in setup required a quick turnaround time.
  • The two sessions catered to different sets of audiences, requiring not just clarity of brief but separate databases altogether.
  • Since the opening session was quite early in the morning, the coordination with the delegates and chauffeurs had to begin as early as 6 AM.
  • Apart from managing the travel and stay of the celebrity chef and team, close coordination was required between them and the hotel kitchen staff.


  • To ensure timely follow- up on the invitation process for both sets of audiences, our BPO team was divided into groups.
  • The venue was recced 2-3 times to get a better understanding of the dimensions and make the best utilization of space.
  • Since multiple setup elements were to be accommodated in a limited area, the counter for the celebrity chef session was assembled and dismantled in real time (quickly)!
  • To ensure that the delegates did not miss the event and reached hassle-free, event reminders and cab details were communicated through alternate touchpoints.
  • To keep the celebrity chef and hotel kitchen on the same page, we arranged regular triangulated calls.
  • Our creative team and vendors went on overdrive and stretched out to meet the last-minute designing, printing and logistics needs.


  • The target number and quality of audience was achieved
  • Attendees reached the venue on time and the agenda timings were stuck to
  • There was no technical snag
  • The objectives of all the sessions were met including the engagement one
  • To top it all, the event was talked about for its ‘oomph factor’

Hear it straight from the client:

We have been closely working with Channel Technologies since the beginning of Talview, and we have been doing events with them June 2017 onwards. Working closely with Channel Technologies has been great in terms of generating audience and taking care of the event logistics. We have got great response and feedback from our customers about their event execution which is awesome. So, it has been a pleasure working with Channel Technologies and we look forward to continuing with them in future years as well. Channel technologies has been a great partner for our events.

-Chief of Staff and Partnerships, Talview

This event, Instahiring 2023 was held with the help of Channel Technologies as the primary partner. I have to say, they have done a tremendous job in executing and planning it extremely well. Saurav, Akash, and everybody in the team worked extremely hard throughout the nights to get this done. I am proud to be associated with Channel Technologies. We are going to do a lot of events with them in the future as well, as we have done in these 4-5 years.

Director – Demand Generation, Talview


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