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Executing A 2-Day Multi-City Hybrid Event For A Leading System Integrator Company


A leading system integrator in India (One of the top Cisco partners) entrusted us with the task of organizing a multi-city hybrid event.



This was a 2-day annual ‘sales and pre-sales’ event  taking place in Noida, Mumbai, and Bengaluru on the same days. This meant speakers and attendees could participate in person from their cities and also virtually connect with others across these three locations.



Challenges - CT

  • Managing multiple venues, schedules, and local teams simultaneously
  • Providing a consistent in-person event experience across three locations
  • With participants connecting from various types of devices, there was a broad spectrum of audio and video inputs to contend with, posing a significant challenge.
  • Moreover, the hosting device’s latest version presented compatibility issues, as it was incompatible with the diverse array of audio and video inputs.
  • Efficiently managing and tracking attendee participation, both physically and virtually
  • Ensuring the visibility of both speakers and audience members in all locations whenever someone was speaking
  • Facilitating meaningful networking opportunities for both in-person and virtual attendees



  • Identified and booked suitable venues in Noida, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, ensuring they had the necessary facilities, specifically a stable internet connection required for hybrid events.
  • Selected Webex as the event platform due to its robust features supporting live streaming, networking, and interactive sessions.

How did we find Solutions? - CT

  • Utilized Webex’s low latency to ensure minimal delay between live and virtual feeds.
  • Employed AV converters and interfaces to bridge compatibility gaps between the latest hosting device and various audio and video inputs.
  • Used a video switcher and audio mixer to consolidate inputs before connecting them to the hosting device.
  • Installed two screens at each venue: one facing the stage and the other facing the audience. This setup ensured that whenever a speaker or audience member from one location spoke, they were visible on the screens in the other two cities. One screen displayed the speaker and their presentation, while the other showed the audiences from the other two cities.
  • Monitored chat rooms and Q&A sessions to facilitate engagement between in-person and virtual attendees.
  • Designated moderators to facilitate discussions and interactions in both formats.
  • Since this was a multi-city hybrid event, we had technical support teams on standby in each city to handle any real-time issues.
  • Recced the venues and conducted 2-3 dry runs to do testing of all equipment and connections before the event.



Case Study Results - Channel Technologies

  • A total of 340 participants attended this multi-city hybrid event, with 100 attendees in Noida, 60 in Bengaluru, and 50 in Mumbai, along with 130 virtual attendees from various cities across the country.
  • Both in-person and virtual attendees actively participated, with over 85% of virtual attendees engaging in sessions and Q&As.
  • Post-event surveys indicated a 95% satisfaction rate, with attendees praising the seamless integration of in-person and virtual elements.



Attendees in all three locations, as well as virtual attendees, experienced a consistent and high-quality event with clear audio-visuals and smooth transitions between live and virtual segments. Thanks to the hybrid event technology and our dedicated teams!


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