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Digital Marketing Triumphs: Achieving Client Objectives In Diverse Markets For SAP Solutions


A global IT consulting company that specializes in cutting-edge cloud and enterprise applications with a primary focus on SAP solutions.


The client entrusted us with two campaigns targeting distinct geographies to achieve specific objectives.

India Campaign (3 months):

  • Drive demand among businesses looking to upgrade their HR structure
  • Generate leads for SAP SuccessFactors

UAE Campaign (2 months):

  • Reignite client’s market presence in the UAE
  • Build brand awareness
  • Promote SAP SuccessFactors as an HR solution


India Campaign:

  • Identifying and reaching out to a specific target audience: companies in the enterprise segment that have at least 300 employees
  • Persuading businesses to adopt intelligent cloud-based HR technology. This challenge is especially pronounced in India, where HR tech upgrades are not prioritized
  • Ensuring a steady flow of quality leads within the specified timeframe

UAE Campaign:

  • Finding ways to stand out in a competitive market
  • Understanding business dynamics of the UAE and creating content strategy accordingly


India Campaign:

  • Leveraged our in-house data to engage with the target audience through personalized email campaigns, initiating outreach to 10,000 accounts
  • Executed a paid social media advertising strategy on LinkedIn
  • Ran targeted Google search campaign for businesses seeking SAP solutions for HR with the help of tailored keywords and placements

UAE Campaign:

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the competitor businesses
  • Executed a focused email campaign targeting decision-makers, reaching out to 1600 accounts from our in-house database
  • Crafted region-specific content, (blogs, case studies, and industry insights), reflecting a nuanced understanding of local business practices, trends, and preferences.
  • Executed a blend of organic posts and paid social media ads for increased visibility.
  • Conducted LinkedIn Polls to enhance customer engagement.
  • Employed Google search ads to capture potential clients actively seeking HR solutions.


India Campaign:

Generated 50 opportunities, establishing a robust and sustainable pipeline of potential clients

UAE Campaign:

Achieved 20% growth in social media followers and enhanced overall brand engagement

Client Endorsement:

In light of consistently positive outcomes in both the India and UAE campaigns, the client realized the need to sustain the activity on a long-term basis and thus, extended the campaign tenure.