You are currently viewing 5 Situations that can Derail Your Event: Here are Some Event Management Tips to Avoid Them

5 Situations that can Derail Your Event: Here are Some Event Management Tips to Avoid Them

No matter how many event management skills you have mastered, how well prepared you are or how many event management tips you’ve followed, there will always be unanticipated scenarios in the realm of event planning: unexpected weather, attendees not showing up, not enough sitting arrangement, malfunctioning microphones or speakers, power cut or fluctuation, not aligning PPTs and videos beforehand, not enough parking, medical emergencies, cutting out of the internet, long queues, overspending etc.

With a long-standing experience in Event Management, in this blog, we have specified some of the difficult event situations you’re likely to face during the execution of an event while listing some event management tips to avoid them.

5 Crucial Things That Can Go Wrong at Your Event But You Can Avoid Them With Event Management Tips:

1. Poor Turnout

Poor Turnout in EventThe first challenge is persuading potential attendees of the event’s worth. Then, after attendees have registered, the next challenge is getting them to the event. People forgetting about the event, not being motivated enough, weather, illness, appointments, work, and transportation are just a few of the obstacles that might prevent attendees from attending your event.

Solution: While this is an inescapable component of event preparation, employing some tactics will increase your chances of a successful event. Some of them are- scoring credible speakers, clearly communicating the benefits of attending the event including the profile of the speakers and other registrants, sending out reminder emails/ messages one week, one day, and one hour before your event using IVR, planning celebrity visit, being innovative with engagement and entertainment, finding good venues, and most importantly keeping an option of attending online. Hybrid Events can prove to be a great option as the admission barrier for both populations (virtual and physical) is eliminated.

2. Technical Glitches

Technical Glitches Event Management ServicesEvent management and technology go hand in hand. From getting registrations to getting feedback, organizers rely heavily on technology in some or the other form. However, even the most modern technologies might create problems that can severely affect the participants’ experience. Some common problems include power cut, power fluctuation, poor internet connection, failure of audio, video, projection devices, event management software etc.

Solution: To avoid these issues, make sure you test all of your systems and devices in advance; keep backup cables, projectors, batteries, bulbs, laptops, mics; keep the files downloaded to decrease the reliability on the internet; have adequate power load and have a UPS system and backup generator. In the case of virtual guests, it is a must to create a guide with step-by-step instructions, images, and/or video that demonstrates how you can join the meetings and go to breakout rooms.

3. Setup Not Ready In Time

Setup Not Ready In Time in the EventsEvent setup is another aspect that can go haywire: wrong setup being done, having a shortage of time in arranging for an extensive setup, hall’s availability getting late, set up material not reaching on time or wrong material being received etc.

Solution: To evade such situations, it is always advisable to start the setup the previous night and in case of an extensive setup, keeping an extra day would do!

Try to get all the material transported a day before by reminding the vendors in advance. And, by all means, make it a point to have a dedicated team/ individual to supervise the entire setup.

4. Keynote Speaker Drops Out

Keynote Speaker Drops Out at the final moment in the eventKeynote speakers demand your efforts and time and are surely at the heart of your event marketing. But what if your “industry expert” needs to cancel at the last minute due to illness, an emergency, traffic jam, or transportation issues? Isn’t it the biggest nightmare? Well, we have some ideas to deal with that too!

Solution: We suggest that you remind your speakers a week and a day before the event and conduct a walk-through. If there is some doubt in advance, keep a recording of the talk in advance or do a live telecast from a remote location. Including a condition in your contract requiring speakers to submit a 24-hour cancellation notice is always a good idea. In case there is no possibility of having them for your event, have a backup speaker with flexible availability and inform the guests about the change through every platform.

5. Unforeseen Weather Conditions

No matter how well you plan your event, heat waves, heavy rains, gusts of wind can wreck everything. If you think there is nothing you can do about it, you’re mistaken!

Solution: Make sure you have an alternate indoor facility at the venue. The use of clearly labelled sections help in moving visitors indoors. Don’t forget to keep waterproof coverings for your equipment and plastic lockers for attendees to store their belongings. Don’t forget to have first-aid supplies and instructions to the closest hospitals available. However, if the budget allows, it may be worthwhile to have additional medical facilities on site.

Why Do You Need Event Management Services?

Running a successful event can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor in which every element must be carefully planned and managed, which is reason enough to employ professionals. A competent event management company will provide a variety of resources and services, as well as highly trained personnel who can guarantee that the event, no matter how huge or small in scale, runs well. The following are some of the reasons why event management companies are important in event planning:

  • Your events are promoted well
  • With their past experiences, they can avoid the pitfalls
  • Bringing registrations is easier
  • Health and safety management is considered
  • Event Tech familiarity
  • Your budget gets used efficiently
  • You get the whole package under one roof
  • Your ideas get a life with professional creativity
  • Your branding & marketing objectives are met


While planning an event, keep the larger purpose in mind as it will not only boost the success of your event but also your marketing efforts as a whole. Leaving your event in the hands of professionals will help you do all of this better as they will always find a way through any challenging situation. This is because they are likely to have encountered most event difficulties and, even if a new one develops, they can utilize their experience and vast number of resources to find you a solution with the best event management tips.

Channel Technologies, with 23+ years of experience, is one such Event Management Company in India that has long-standing relationships with vendors across the country, experience in such events, and in-house event automation software to help deliver a flawless experience to the customers.

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