Refer and Earn

What is CT Referral Program?

If your organization or any other organization you know needs digital marketing services or improved digital marketing results, just refer them to us and get rewarded handsomely!

These services could be Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Email Marketing, Display Ads, Video Marketing etc.

What do you need to do?

If your organization needs digital marketing services or improved digital marketing results, refer them to us. Just let us know who to get in touch with and we will contact them, understand their needs, send a proposal, follow up and finalize the assignment! As soon as we realize the payment from the customer, you will earn incentives as per the table given elsewhere on this page.

In case your organization does not need these services, just scout the market and look for organizations that need digital marketing services and refer them to us. (Usually, such organizations will be with turnovers above 25 Crores and with thousands of potential customers spread across India or a specific zone or state. They could be both B2B and B2C businesses.)

Your name will not be told to the organization you refer, if you do not want us to.

Program Incentives

The referrers are rewarded as per the incentive table below:

  • Value (₹)
  • Revenue Frequency
  • Referrer’s Incentive

How to Refer?

Just fill in your details below to register yourself:

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