Your Handy Checklist for Planning a Corporate Event

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The marketing landscape has fundamentally shifted, with so many new firms and start-ups cropping up every other day. Competition in the marketing arena is cut throat. The customary grand product launches and marketing based events have taken the marketing game a notch higher. In this savage competitive era, your corporate events need to be immaculate to get noticed. One false step can tarnish the image of your company and your brand.

Notable events just don’t happen. They require tons of creativity and precise planning down to the last detail. The tedious process of event planning may start with a brainstorming session.  You need to consider the purpose of your event, what you hope to accomplish and what resources are available to you. Missing something or the other is inevitable, so a checklist is the need of the hour.

Pre-event preps-

  • Begin early: Planning an event is an endless process. The earlier you start planning, the more you will avoid the last-minute hassles and confusion. Having a clear protocol to follow will make it easier to maintain standards.
  • Choose your team: Harness your warriors. Your warriors or team are your backbones in planning a successful event. So, choose your team wisely, define key milestones and critical deadlines.
  • Budget: Put a budget together. The daunting task of budgeting should be done paying heed to all the aspects and schedule.
  • Venue: It plays the most important role in an event, make sure to zero in the venue of your event well in advance. While hunting the venue factors like connectivity, infrastructure and safety should not be neglected.
  • Whom to invite: Once your base is ready, start preparing your list of the target audiences and designing attractive invitations. No event can achieve success without attendees and will be considered as a flop.

If you are striving to make your attendees happy and interested and want to leave a long-lasting impression on them, then you need to compile a list of ideal speakers and panelists as well.

  • Branding: We live in a brand conscious world, making branding an integral part of any event. Branding helps in creating loyalty and confirms the brand’s credibility in the marketplace. Hence, making it the duty of any event planner to create a specific event logo and tagline and to gather logos from partners and sponsors too.
  • Dedicated Website: With everything going digital around us in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace, it’s a must for event planners to come up with dedicated event websites. Event websites are a useful tool in divulging out all the information and agenda of the event. A dedicated event website which is mobile optimized can even prove to be a great platform for accepting online registrations from the potential attendees.
  • Comprehensive event technology: Before event technology, hosting an event was a very manual process. Now, using a comprehensive feature-packed event automation app like My Event Gateway puts all the communication in one place, so you can directly manage all the activities easily.
  • Promotion: Promoting your event raises awareness about both the event itself and your brand in general. For promoting an event social media comes in handy, as it has a very large reach and minimum usage cost. You can even write an elaborative blog post about your event or launch a promotional video.
  • Procure collaterals: Create a logistics checklist of all items like goodie bags, delegate folders, handouts and giveaways. Make sure to design and prepare badges, lanyards, signage, flyers, etc.
  • Final pre-event preps: Don’t forget to make a courtesy call to all the VIP’s and influencers before the event. Also, send out a final reminder to all the attendees.

Things to remember on the day of the event-

  • Expect the unexpected: It is possible that some things might not go as per the plan on the day of the event. Technical glitches can occur at any time anywhere. In such circumstances, improvisation is the key and never lose your calm.
  • Cross-check the details: Before the beginning of the event double-check that all the information has been returned and things finalized.

Post-event preps-

  • Provide updates: It’s mandatory to provide the attendees with the post-event updates on your website and social media. Even a post-event hashtag can be used to make the event go viral and also garner more audience reach.
  • Go the extra mile: Attendees can be sent surveys after the event in order to get their feedback about the event as audience feedback is critical for introspection and future course correction. A personalized Thank You mail to each attendee will get you continued mindshare.
  • Continue the buzz: The last and final step of event planning is to issue a post-event press release and share the highlights of the event.

Event planning is a vast arena, which keeps on growing with time and experience. A comprehensive checklist helps in constantly building upon the success of each event.

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