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Events, aspiring to be successful, must be so engaging for the “attendees” that they actually convert into “active participants”. In order that events become an experience to remember, and a buzzing platform for a healthy interaction among the stakeholders’ community, prospective clients and even the less-interested attendees, one has to be very meticulous in ensuring that the entire audience is privileged.

Here are some novel and engaging ways by which you can hook the entire audience, once and for all:

  • The Early Bird, Catches the Worm: If you want to be the hawk in the events industry, you must ensure that you have enough time at your disposal for a bird’s-eye survey of your territory. This could even mean keeping a track of the small details like light-points and wash-rooms for your event, besides a thorough research of your target-audience. Remember, mostly, when the event-management doesn’t shine through, it’s only because of little time for execution. It is only when you start early that necessary precautions can be taken to avoid pitfalls like venue (un)availability during the Indian Wedding season, Audience unavailability during holidays, audio-visual hassles at the eleventh hour, and chance occurrences like rain that is detrimental to the footfall of your event.
  • Privileging Audience: The keynote speaker(s) must not seem unreachable, but approachable. At the same time, they should also be a
    force to be reckoned with and a draw in their own right. It’s always helpful discretely screen the content of their presentations in advance, to ensure its relevance to the audience. In all fairness, they should be adequately briefed about the kind of audience to ensure inclusiveness.
    • An event must be fundamentally democratic wherein even the half-interested person is made to feel special, important and equal. There should be sufficient time for a Question and Answer Session, My Event Gateway (MEG), from Channel Technologies provides an easy to use Q&A solution to ensure a well-structured session. Drop the mic! Quite Literally.
  • Spatial Events: Your event will turn out to be special only if it is spatially sound. That is to say that if you have a very big auditorium for a smaller audience or a limited space in a hotel for a sizable audience you have to adjust accordingly and timely to ensure visibility because there’s not much point if you cannot see what’s happening and a tough time hearing what’s being said. Making way for natural light or an element of nature – preferably flower pots and plants over tacky ornamentation is suggested. Since the audience is the customer – the seating should be so comfortable that they prefer not to leave the event, even during the breaks.
  • Are Hashtags Important? : Hashtags can be important if it’s an event at a bigger scale and trends on the social media. When the audience keeps a social media track of the event, it inevitably helps you in tracking the progress of the event yourself.
  • Fun-Factor: The big speeches and presentations can be made interesting by interspersing fun-activities between them. A light, background music which suits the theme of the event can provide
    an enabling environment. A well briefed and well prepared anchor can bring in light hearted fun at the right time without making it seem frivolous. If you possess the adequate budget, try and deploy Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality in your event as an added attraction or hire professionals for the same. “Event Gamification” has now become a
    standard term and this fun-factor in the form of games that keeps them alert from the beginning of the event to the end, and, incentivizes them with gifts. Better engagement and participation will eventually help in better bonding and thus generating leads more efficiently for your client.
  • LIVE Q&A and Polling: There’s nothing more connecting in any event than the onsite in-session polls and live Question and Answer session which can be easily done via the apps as well as manually. CT’s My-Event-Gateway software and App provide you with the said feature in an easy-to-use manner. It’s a state-of-the-art DIY to be the master event-organizer yourself.

All in all, the general movement for the success of an event, has to be from the traditional to the technological, from the strict to the inclusive, and from the ultra-serious to a little-fun.

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