Top NEW B2B Marketing Trends for 2019 and Beyond

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Newer marketing trends have come up because social media platforms change rapidly. Some of them might be The Biggest Wake-Up Call Ever as well as a Call to Action, like the ones in this post. (2 minutes read)


Facebook appeals everyone from the CEO to the peon and has changed from a social-media to a market-media in the past year, making it an ideal platform to incorporate the B2C strategies for meeting B2B ends. In 2019, there will be a huge increase in the Business pages. The Facebook Live Video feature, with its real-time interactivity gives the opportunity that makes live product launches possible.

The ad features and Account Based Marketing are very different from traditional marketing. Earlier, you nurtured your potential clients with automated emails, and attracted people to fill out forms but now with ABM you can easily identify target companies, engage them with personalized campaigns and build personalized relationships which in turn, lead to newer opportunities for your own brand.


Google searchers can now easily identify the open hours, phone numbers, address and photographs of any organization – educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, metro stations, etc. Thanks to Google My Business (GMB) which helps you supply information about your business on Google search. It helps you create free-of-cost websites, reviews, Posts like “New”, “Events”, “Product”, and “Offer”, and, Call-To-Action buttons like Sign Up, Buy, Book, Order Online, and Learn More.

GMB, in turn, informs Google Maps Marketing to become ever-present to the geo-specific inquiries made by people, especially while travelling or having shifted to a new locale. This accessibility empowers your business on a real-time basis.


As you already know Instagram is filled with celebrities endorsing certain brands. Influencers and brands collaborate together now to reap the benefits of influencer marketing. However, influencers are not necessarily celebrities – they could be a blogger or a marketing executive on LinkedIn. Instagram’s branded content option has made Influencer Marketing transparent and legal-friendly, disclosing that you are adequately paying the influencer for your brand.

  • The New Marketing Content: DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL

TIME’S UP! Bite-sized and crisp content, unless supported by outstanding Infographics, does NOT cater to the short attention span of the busy, while a well-researched, lengthier content grabs all the attention and is more likely to be shared on social media. More importantly, based on its ranking algorithms, Google Indexing gives priority to longer content over short and rewards it a good search positioning. Therefore make long, detailed web-content and blog-posts.

A good B2B marketing content must also cater to CEO level executives who are interested in case studies. This requires detailing and well-researched inputs. This is the reason why longer content attracts higher number of quality backlinks since business-network websites like LinkedIn are fundamentally about professional image-building in the business community and no one will share or hyperlink  your content if it lacks detailing and authenticity. Similarly, if you want to increase the dwell-time on your webpage and increase your page-views, it is important that you provide internal contextual links to the posts on your own blog/website somewhere between your web-content that explains a reference or a topic clearly and with greater elaboration, rather than hyperlinking it to some other website. Basically, your website should ensure that no one bothers to research elsewhere. Lengthy content, therefore, decreases the bounce rate.

  • The New B2B: BUSINESS to ALL

Remaining exclusively B2B and B2C is not possible these days and CT realized at its earliest and utilizes on the two are converging today. This is because in the age of e-commerce websites, like the Amazon and Flipkart, the customer has become as aware as the corporation. That’s why emotion-driven, human-centric B2C elements in the B2B have become relevant to keep them engaged.

As a result, a B2A approach has evolved. A Business to All approach demands a compelling presence on all possible digital platforms to provide a seamless experience to the customers. B2B communication which once used to be boring now must be creative so that it becomes saleable. Your customers should visit your online presence compulsively, not just purposefully.

Similarly, in your websites, blogs, etc. avoid overly-technical content so that you can cater to the human beings in the business much better.

Big brands now incorporate elements as bold as videos and podcasts, quizzes and a storytelling format to speak out its mind, literally “branding” itself in the mind of the audience.

Conclusively, it is advised to be the latest if you aspire to mean business and try to combine the B2C and B2B for a Business for all approach.

Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below.

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