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It is a fact known by all that an event with no attendees is going to be considered as a flop. Everyone wants to produce an event that is a sell-out or gets at least a respectable number of the target audiences. Your event will be considered a success only when the audience who attended it would be interested in attending such an event again without thinking twice.  If you want to achieve the sweet reward of success every time you organize an event, keeping your audience engaged is the key.

To accomplish this you have to make them feel important, get them to thinking and spur their emotions. And you put in all these efforts so that your audience will return to your event and bring other relevant target audience along as well. How to complete this herculean task? Let’s dive in and explore ways to improve audience engagement at your events.


Let’s start from the very beginning. Every event requires extensive planning for its smooth execution. Hence, it is a must that preparations for it should start way ahead of time. In order to reach the target audience, it is essential to create enough buzz around the event. This buzz can be created by promoting the event rigorously on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Publishing a pre-event blog will also come in handy. An informative blog giving out useful insights about the event always comes in handy and helps in generating pre-event buzz.


Once the pre-event buzz is generated, it is important to know your audience. The content for the entire event should be created keeping the target audience in mind. This will surely help in increasing audience engagement. Even the key speaker or host should be selected keeping the mood of the event in mind. If the host is an expert in his domain, a thought leader and a person of stature, that will be the icing on the cake.


On the D-day, hold the nerves and try to make the event a fun time for the audience. Audiences tend to remember the fun part for a longer period of time. Make sure there is never a dull moment throughout the entire event. Use of the latest technology like mobile event apps, live microblogging are some popular tools. An efficient feature-packed event automation app like My Event Gateway ( is a must-have for an event as it will also raise engagement levels through Q&A sessions, live polls, quizzes, etc. Keeping the young audience or millennials in mind Photobooths can also be set up. The Photobooth should be designed keeping the theme of the event in mind. Such minute additions leave a long-lasting effect on the minds of the audiences. The entire idea behind this is not just entertainment for the sake of fun, but to utilize the underlying principles of games and competitions to drive the desired outcome for your event.


Audiences can be kept engaged even after the event is over. Host a post-event lunch or dinner party to improve networking. Pre and post-event hashtags can be used too to make the event go viral and also garner more audience reach. Likewise, attendees can be sent surveys after the event in order to get their feedback about the event as audience feedback is critical for introspection and future course correction. A personalized Thank You mail to each attendee will get you continued mindshare!

It is said that you can’t please everyone, you are not pizza. But at least you can make your event as tempting and pleasing as pizza for your audience by making it interesting and worth the time of the attendees.

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