The Yesterday Today and Tomorrow of B2B Events

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When Channel Technologies ventured into managing B2B events for the first time in early 2000s people did not trust email fully. Clients always wanted us to send a “hard copy invite” by snail mail in addition to using mail.

A multi-city event meant sending carton loads of printed collateral material to various towns either through expensive couriers or surface mail with all the risks of late delivery and damaged stuff reaching. It was touch and go on many occasions since these collaterals got held up and often reached late! Enough stress to give any event manager ulcers!

Today a simple pen drive does the trick!

While a great turnout was always a source of relief and happiness (it was more quantity than the quality of audience then) it also meant long queues and registration delays. Not very encouraging for the first speaker. Q &A sessions could get chaotic and feedback forms, the main source of leads, were partially filled if at all.

Digital Transformation has brought about welcome changes for the Event business too! Invites reach the right person and are read. Databases have been refined by agencies with domain expertise. So quality audiences are assured (note: provided it’s the right agency –take that as a hint!). Registration processes are smooth with QR codes available on smart-phones.  Feedback forms are filled digitally and real-time polling ensures instant feedback.

All this makes for the kind of user experience event managers have been longing for. The event itself has much improved viewing thanks to LED walls and hi-tech sound.

To say that exciting times lie ahead will be the understatement of the year!

Big Data with predictive analytics will ensure databases get filtered and invitees are limited to potential buyers. Augmented Reality will allow organisers to create immersive experiences and Virtual Reality will further enhance the experience to levels unimaginable today. Concepts like drones specially transporting attendees to venues or people traveling thousands of kilometers in a day and back to attend an event may be a reality! The supernet will allow attendees to download terabytes of data in seconds and 360-degree cameras will create objects where none exist. And the implications of AI in events deserves a separate piece altogether!

But right now it’s time to stay contemporary with state of the art offerings easily available today.

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