Hiring the right manpower is the most important factor with respect to the success quotient of a business, department, or process. However, owing to time constraints as well as challenges that spring up every now and then, businesses are unable to give due importance to this domain, resulting in high recruitment costs or compromising on the quality. With its dedicated team of HR professionals, CT provides staffing solutions across multiple domains to assist you in selecting the right candidate for your company.

These candidates can be on our payroll while working for you. Employees have access to a user friendly payroll management application. We facilitate ‘plug and play’ teams which can start functioning at short notice. The entire backend operations including salaries, reimbursements and statutory obligations are handled by us, so that you can concentrate only on growing your business by utilizing their potential optimally.

If you do not have a branch office in a certain geography, we will find a suitable place to locate your selected candidates too!

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