CT provides BPO services for organisations in the following areas:

  • Database Profiling
  • Lead Generation
  • Information Dissemination
  • Audience Generation

In an industry known for high attrition rates, the fact that our managers and key executives have been with us for the last 5 to 10 years, speaks for itself!

Our database of small and medium as well as large enterprise contacts  is our core stock-in-trade and is continuously updated by our BPO. Leading IT MNCs use our services for database profiling and renting of our data for their campaigns.

In depth profiling of organisations is carried out to capture existing IT infrastructure as well as budgeted IT spends of our clients’ customers.

CT’s expertise can help your business garner more leads and convert these into viable sales opportunities. Our lead generation engine is backed by strong processes and the use of technology.

All calling agents are provided intensive training on selling skills and use BANT criteria for lead qualification. Quality checks are applied at every stage and feedback from our clients which can be shared says that  CT has a higher conversion ratio as compared to our competition.

Information dissemination is carried out when a new scheme has to be conveyed to a set of partners or customers. CT is able to meet compressed timelines with our workforce which can be readily deployed for such activities even at short notice.

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