IT Channels – Getting the Slow Movers to Perform

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IT Channels – Getting the Slow Movers to Perform

Companies count on their channel partnerships to expand into new markets, maximize profits and strive towards growth year on year.

A lot of effort and resources are spent in hiring partners. Elaborate schemes are designed to get partner mindshare in a scenario of “all sell all”.

However, after the initial start how many of such relationships get solidified? Is it structurally possible for the same internal team to manage a group of partners who may need different levels of support? Thus, there is a need for a programmatic and integrated approach of Nurturing and Development that translates into revenues.

At CT we manage this need through a program called “CT Nurture”. 


CT Nurture acts as a catalyst for development of partners and ensures a time bound ramp up of specially identified partners who are new or are not performing to their potential. Through this program the entire work of partner development is outsourced, leaving the core sales team to meet their immediate numbers.

How does CT Nurture work?

As the outsourced agency, we have identified the following areas where interventions are needed.These are:

  1. Training and Readiness
  2. Sales/Pre-Sales
  3. Marketing
  4. Leadership
  5. Internal

The idea is to provide this support but only till the time growth becomes self-sustained. With so much focus coming from the company’s side, partners see revenue coming which earns us much needed mindshare of partner owners.


The program is time-bound and runs for 9 months. The three phases of the program are:

Phase 1-Month 1 to Month 3   :    Foundation and relationship consolidation phase

Phase 2-Month 4 to Month 6   :    Revenue Growth Phase

Phase 3-Month 6 to Month 9   :    Handing over phase where CT withdraws and internal team takes over.

Resources Deployed

We generally recommend a limited geography to start with, as a pilot.
To manage the program in its entirety, we provide the following resources:

  1. Dedicated Sales and Marketing Team of senior executives
  2. Backend Marketing Services organization and a dedicated Program Manager
  3. Data Analytics Team
  4. Creative Team

Benefits of CT Nurture

We expect the following benefits to accrue:

  1. Growth in Revenue from the identified partners by 20%-30%
  2. Partner broad-basing and therefore a lesser dependence on the top 20% to deliver
  3. Build trust and loyalty of partners with long term strategic gains
  4. Create a pull from high performing partners of competing companies
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