How to manage audience engagement at your next event

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In these exciting times, no one pays heed to boring matters and events. It is, therefore, extremely important to engage your audience and provide them something that gives them the adrenaline rush. One can mix up things to get the audience out from a serious mode.

Check out the options enlisted here that you can employ at your next event and win over the audience.

  1. Be an Innovator
  • Make people see unexpected things with brand new ideas so they would remember the event for a long time. (This will also make them look forward to your future events.)
  • Grab the attention of your audience by finding speakers who don’t just speak and enlighten but make a statement and blow everyone away.
  • Make sure your event’s agenda is different. You can have more ‘hands-on’ sessions to let the attendees participate too.
  1. Make people Curious
  • The main idea here is: don’t just organise sessions, use them to the advantage of your participants.
  • Get things done which make the attendees inquisitive. Allow them to brainstorm on recent and interesting topics.
  • Hold panel discussions for participants to share their opinions. This will make them feel totally alive.
  1. Make Networking a priority
  • Encourage the audience to set up situations that make them connect with others.
  • Provide them opportunities to engage by using real-time polling and messaging apps like MyEventGateway. (Get the app here: Play Store / App Store)
  • Organise parties and expos during events like conferences, etc.
  1. Use internet for engagement
  • Ask volunteers and the event participants to live post event pictures on social media. Use a specific event hashtag for your events.
  • Have a tweet wall in the event.
  • Excite the attendees and other people alike by webcasting your big event. Just choose a platform and get the word out.
  1. Provide creative space to your attendees
  • Have a graffiti board where people can leave their messages, responses and unique offers after attending the event.
  • The boards can also have attendee bios.

Now we hope audience engagement does not appear difficult to you. Just arm yourself with these tools and boost audience engagement at your next event.

Make sure the people who attend your event go back with knowledge and an EXPERIENCE.

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