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Finding and investing in the best Event Management platforms in 2021 is important because most events need a web presence with the event details and to collect registrant data, sell tickets, communicate with attendees and the ability to do analytics.

However, events are not amenable to creating permanent digital assets as

  • Each event is different from the previous one, with a different look and feel, different audiences, different needs of data collection, different duration etc. etc.
  • Most events, from conception to execution, finish within two months or less.
An advanced event tech solution

Access the most advanced Event Tech solution there is covers you for every nuance of Event Automation. It is built around simplicity, functionality and flexibility by Channel Technologies Private Limited, an event management company itself having managed over 5000 business events. MEG gives you all access to most advanced Event Tech Solution.


CTs digital event platform, MyEventGateway is an end-to-end event management platform that can help you create an event webpage within a few minutes with the following capabilities:

  • Contemporary User Interface with your branding.
  • Registration Forms
  • Ticketing with various tiers, discounts and vouchers.
  • Layout and Sale of Exhibition Stalls
  • Engine for communication through Email, SMS and Push Notifications
  • Features like badge printing, Attendee check-in through Myeventgateway mobile app, networking among attendees, digital contact information exchange, conducting quizzes, collecting feedback, downloading photos and other collaterals, purchasing memorabilia, controlled access to lounges, food areas, gift distribution and recording keeping etc.
  • Track source of visitors to the event page, to analyze the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.
  • Preparing Event Budgets.
  • Complete analytics and reporting on the event.
here is what myeventgateway can do for your event

Features for handling complex event process requirements

Automate your event with automated forms

Create multiple registration forms

You can now create different forms for each type of pass or ticket. (For example – Employee offsite event organizers can create different forms for Employees and their Spouses.)

Automated emails with SMTP integration

@myeventgateway simplifies managing digital aspects of your event. The most relevant information can be sent through branded e-mails sent from your email domain. For e.g., if your event’s name is “BMI 2019 Conference”, the same should be displayed on the sender ID of every email.

Create heat map of visitor footfall @myeventgateway.coms

Create heat map for exhibition visitor footfalls

As an extension of features mentioned above, modern event technology platforms give event organizers a gold mine of high-value data. You would exactly know how much time each delegate has spent on the stalls they have visited. Profile-wise segmentation of this rich data can reveal amazing insights about the ROI of your event. This can also help you improve your future events even while optimizing pricing for the most visited stall locations.

collecting additiona information about delegates

Collecting additional information about delegates

When delegates book tickets to a conference they don't know their flight details. With myeventgateway, organizers can get additional information about the delegates post registration. Technology allows several options for setting the visibility of each registration form field.

capture visitor data

Let exhibitors capture stall visitor data

As exhibitors’ you can record the profiles of stall visitors while keeping a note for the next follow up. For example, after you set few fields such as name, designation, organization, as public. This will allow you as an exhibitors to capture the details of the stall visitors by scanning their QR code. Exhibitors can then share the data in .csv format with their registered email ID.

Manage shopping cart to sell additional services to exhibitors and attendees

Event Tech solutions offer you a way to create a list of products and services that the exhibitors can order just before the event or during the event.

create your free event page

Create your free* MyEventGateway page today

Myeventgateway is a trusted platform already in use by many customers. Channel Technologies has managed more than 500 events on the platform!
With this event automation solution, you can create your event page and list it for free* with Myeventgateway! Visit to create your free event page today!

Being a comprehensive online Event Management software, MyEventGateway is a platform already in use by many customers. Channel Technologies has successfully managed 500 events by using it as an Event Automation Solution for B2B and B2C events!

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