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The day was the 20th of December 2019. Delhi was witnessing agitations all across the city with people preferring not to venture out and face traffic jams. The 5th Annual India-ATP was scheduled to begin at 9.30 am and the founding members were getting nervous about attendance in view of the prevailing conditions.

In retrospect, they needn’t have been. The conference saw a packed house consisting of senior academia and HR professionals. CT had anticipated contingencies like this and gone the extra mile.

When ATP and founding member sponsors MeritTrac, Pearson VUE and Prometric decided to finalize their delegate acquisition partner this year, our track record with them made us their unanimous choice. Preparations for the prestigious conference began well in advance and Team CT had the work cut out in front of them.

Objectives handed out to Channel Technologies

  • Team CT was given the target of 70:30e. 70% of the target audience should be from academia and 30% corporate audience. Besides getting the required numbers the client wanted us to be very selective about audience quality.
  • All communication was to be designed and mailed by CT. A two-month campaign was launched with a focus on one aspect of the conference being highlighted in each communique.
  • During weekly con calls with members, CT was to continuously provide suggestions proactively on all aspects of the event.
  • A microsite, providing all the necessary information and agenda was to be designed. This needed frequent updating as more details about the conference got finalized along the way.
  • CT was given the charge of online as well as on-the-spot registrations as well as promotion through social media. CTs Registration platform myeventgateway.com proved its effectiveness yet again!
  • Collaterals were to be suggested by CT and the badges, lanyards, button badges finalised were to be designed and acquired by our team.


The academic and HR community attaches a great deal of importance to this annual event and needless to say a great deal of planning is required. This is compounded by the fact that a multiplicity of organizations is involved and buy-in from all is required at every step. Some challenges which we were able to overcome.

  • There are many holidays and limited working hours in the education sector, so it was a bit of a task to get in touch with the VCs and Senior Professors and thought leaders from well-known institutes.
  • Academicians from various esteemed universities covering entire north India were invited for the event.
  • The event date, unfortunately, collided with the sudden protests in the capital city.
  • As the news of the unrest got known a few days in advance, number of confirmations had to be increased to cater to larger dropouts.


  • There were no delays in the conference and everything went on smoothly, in spite of the chaos in the city. Registration was smooth with almost no time being spent at the Registration Desk.
  • Feedback from attendees provided ample proof about the success of the event in terms of logistics, content and networking opportunities.
  • The quality of the audience, as well as a completely filled hall, bore testimony to the fact that committed deliverables were fully met!


“In our journey, I would also like to mention the efforts made by Channel Technologies team who helped us support the event with audience acquisition and other logistics, which I must admit that, CT team was able to pull off yet another successful event amidst the chaos and sensitive situation that prevailed in Delhi.”

Divyalok Chetan Sharma – Senior Director – Client Development (Pearson Vue)


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