Program Objective

One of the international market leaders in PCs wanted to train its Tier 1 and 2 partners on the new features of their partner portal and increase usage. The challenge was to train sales teams of partners on changes, upgrades, and feature additions in the portal within 30 days. The relevant partners were spread across 15 cities in the country. The objective was also to finally get a certificate from all these partners that they had fully understood the features and benefits and all their salespersons were now fully trained.

CT’s Value Addition – Approximately 200+ partners were visited, and trained

In order to make the initiative a success, CT created a training deck for the partners, trained the trainers through video conferencing as well as on location and ensured that all partner locations were visited after taking an appointment and feedback was collected from the partner owner. CT representatives trained the partners with the help of electronic aids, addressed their queries/forwarded them to the Company, and even went beyond their brief by helping partners resolve their other issues too!

Program Outcome

A 98% positive feedback was received from the partners, and revisits were arranged for the remaining 2%.

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