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“Life would be so much easier if pre-qualified sales leads could walk right into your inbox and all you need to do is add it to your sales funnel… we aim to make it that easy for you….”

So reads the LinkedIn profile of a marketing company that specialised in lead generation marketing and data cleansing services. What began as a meteoric rise ended with a nose dive!

Many more similar examples abound of agencies in India who seem to have discovered the magic potion for Lead Generation Strategies – only to exit in a couple of years after ending up in the red.

How to generate leads is a challenge and how much to budget for qualified leads is the question that marketers grapple with.

The conventional payment trend for lead generation companies is based on a pay per lead mechanism where the client would only agree to pay for a lead and discard all prospects that have been pursued and nurtured in the hope of converting to a lead. On many occasions, delayed follow-ups and lack of skills at the customer-facing level can make a hot lead slip out. The inevitable scapegoat in this process is the outsourced agency naturally!

One must consider the fact that the lead generation process is a time-taking one and several of your prospects probably need some more time to foster the relationship you have built.

In a scenario of higher targets and shorter timelines, clients need to understand that quick fix lead generation techniques are not always sustainable.

Agencies need to be given longer term contracts so that prospects can be nurtured and converted to leads over three or even four quarters.

Clients need to view agencies as partners, value their experience, agree on a win-win price and work jointly for effective lead generation strategies.

B2B lead generation is becoming the Blue-Whale Challenge for marketing agencies. However, with digital transformation happening, the scenario is evolving and therefore exciting.

As a service, lead generation marketing has a huge potential. There are several agencies who have been in the business and have been able to hold their own by innovating & adapting to the changing times. It is time that you realise what is going to work for you best and up the ante for your company.

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