Are You Choosing the Right Lead Generation Partner?

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For any successful business, lead generation is crucial for growth. The most successful companies are the ones generating the most leads either by themselves or by choosing a specialist agency.

Each company has its own lead generation strategy. Many companies prefer doing it on their own. It’s a challenging and expensive task to set up teams and resources dedicated to lead generation. According to a 2017 study conducted by CSO Insights, 68 percent of B2B companies are struggling with their lead generation systems. If you are one of these companies, you might have realized that lead generation is as much challenging as it is essential. There is no option of pushing this need on back burner. Therefore, the next wise step is to find a right lead generation partner for your business.

Here are top five tips to help you evaluate the right lead generation partner.

  1. How enriched is the database of the company?

This is the primary strength of any lead generation company. Casey Howe, VP sales at Leadspace says “if there’s anything I’ve learned in more than a decade leading B2B sales teams, it’s that lead generation strategies live and die by the quality of the data they are built”. Look out for the companies whose data strength meets your needs. Check how frequently the database of the company is organized and validated.

  1. How efficient are their resources?

Not all lead generation companies have the same resources both in terms of manpower as well as tech infrastructure. The quality and the efficiency of the resources finds another important criteria for you to decide if the company can meet your demands. Assess all the resources that they employ; employees, technology, tools, etc.

  1. How many years of Experience the company has?

Know how trustworthy the company is by the years of experience the company has. Attrition in this business is high and if a company has weathered the storm over the years they would be delivering! The more mature the company is, the more expertise they will have. Check out their track record and ask for case studies and references.

  1. Is the company able to juxtapose Tele with Digital for optimum results?

    In today’s environment it is essential to follow a hybrid model of outbound tele lead generation coupled with digital marketing. Pure tele or digital may not work today so both areas of expertise need to be verified. The mushrooming digital marketers of today may not have the skill to follow up on a digital lead through conversations.

  1. How transparent and responsive is the company?

A Lead Generation partner must be able to share feedback and discuss progress throughout the duration of the project so that the skills of their resources keep improving. If reporting is infrequent or you are not able to interact with the resources deployed directly consider it a red alert!

Lead Generation will get you results and make your funnel comfortable provided you partner with the right agency.

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